Petroleum and Natural Gas

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Petroleum and natural gases are formed million of years ago under the immense heat and pressure; these fossil fuels are classified as non-renewable resources. They are limited in a sense that they can only be found in underground reservoirs and beneath the ocean floor; which tells us that they can only be extracted from these locations. The extraction is done by the use of different machines or structures depending on the geology and location. An example of such is an Oil Platform; this is a large offshore structure with different facilities that maximises the production of petroleum and natural gases. It plays a vital role in our society because offshore oil drilling efficiently supplies the demands on these resources for it has higher productivity resulting to much more oil and natural gases extracted per day.

Drilling processes can be done in a long period of time that involves the planning; this includes the first stepping stone of the process - the preparation of rig site whereas they identify the location and choose the safest well path that will encounter the targeted oil and natural gas. The Hoisting system is responsible for the manipulation of the pipe and other tools that will explore the deep surfaces of the crust coupled with a heavy metal that stabilizes and supports it from drilling the ground.

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Consequently, as the location or the targeted area has been chosen, the spudding process will occur (the process in which a drilling bed is used in order to dig a hole towards the oil reservoirs). The head of the whole pipe or the drill bed will extend beneath the surface and in like manner, drilling muds are emitted.

The Drilling Mud supervise the lubrication, maintaining the the temperature of the drilling bed and lifting the rocks by cutting from the well bore as well as to maintain the equilibrial pressure of fluids and prevent it from flowing out. At the desired depth, the process of spudding will stop for a moment so that the drilling mud will occupy the space that'll support the pipe; and correspondingly, a smaller extension will continue the drilling likewise it is supported by the flowing of cement and mud which both are separated by a cementing plug. Furthermore, a second surface casing will continue the digging of the subterranean and as it goes deeper, according to facts, heat and pressure is directly proportional to the depth of a drilled site. The extreme heat and pressure might have destroyed the drilling bed but with the presence of the Blowout Preventer, there is now a maintaining of the regular flow of fluids as well as to avert them from the blowouts or explosions, spill of crude oil, likewise the escape of natural gases from oil reservoirs.

After the installation of the Blowout Preventer, the drilling will continue with the drill bed and pipe operating through the BOP stack. Casing strings will then run and cemented in place to cover up the open hole sections when needed. Lastly, when the oil and natural gas sounds targeted by the geologist are reached and there is a proof or confirmation of their presence, a final casing string may be installed if the seafloor location is suitable for future development; this casing string grants the future secure production of the oil and natural gas.

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