A Letter to New York Governor Concerning The Issue of Hydrofracking

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As a profoundly thankful citizen for your service and time, I am writing on the behalf of myself and my fellow citizens of New York State. We are concerned with your up and coming reassessment to continue the ban on hydrofracking in the Marcellus Shale region.

Although there are some concerning aspects to hydrofracking, the evidence in favor suggests that these aspects may only be minimal compared to the affluent effects hydrofracking can have on New York. Recent advancements in horizontal drilling and hydrofracturing techniques offers us imperative: economic, environmental, and energy security benefits. The economic prosperity from natural gas extraction has already been felt elsewhere – in our neighboring state of Pennsylvania, which initially saw the economic benefits of the natural gas industry in 2010. In a three-year period alone, from 2010-2012, they averaged 1,650 newly drilled wells per annum and direct employment of more than 23,000 jobs in the shale gas industry (Wheeler et al. , 2015). Since then, an estimated total direct employment ranging in the upward bounds of 100,000 jobs has been created in Pennsylvania alone (Christenson et al. , 2017). Furthermore, the extraction of natural gas has not only led to the creation of thousands of jobs but has also created revenue in the billions of dollars for each shale deposit (Christenson et al. , 2017).

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As a state that lies on one of the largest shale formations in the United States and as natural gas production is projected to increase further, these effects are only going to continue to dramatically benefit states like Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, leaving us at an economic loss of opportunity not only as a state, but as citizens of New York. To further demonstrate the progressive benefits of hydrofracking, keep in mind the current environmental situation of climate change. Recent advancements in fracturing technologies, along with the abundant reserves of natural gas that the Marcellus Shale region has to offer, further enable greater access to natural gas. This is of great importance and plays a pivotal role when it comes to the nation’s future of eventually converting to clean energy – it is up to us to set an example. For instance, since the recent surge in supply of natural gas, there has been a decrease in the cost of natural gas by more than 40%, which in turn, has led to a significant shift in the sources of electricity generation (Hausman & Kellogg, 2015).

From 2005 to 2014 alone, the electricity generated using coal significantly decreased. During 2005, the electricity generated from coal was 50%, which then in 2014, was down to 37%, all while the percentage of natural gas used to generate electricity rose from 19% to 26% (Christenson et al. , 2017). Furthermore, during this time, sources of renewable energy used to generate electricity also increased from 2% to 13% (Christenson et al. , 2017). Another point to take into consideration, is how the use of natural gas over coal in the generation of electricity, is ultimately better for the environment. This is the case since natural gas burns far cleaner than coal in terms of the release of greenhouse gases, thus leading to a total reduction in environmental pollution levels including the emissions of: carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and mercury (Swift, 2001). In fact, this would help alleviate the current trend towards extreme levels of climate change by eventually stabilizing global carbon levels, and by reducing the amount of particulate matter in the air. As various states are cautious about hydrofracking, the United States as a nation is currently primarily dependent upon imported oil, coal, and natural gas – this will continue until more states capable of hydrofracking begin to do so. This dependence has the possibility to eventually put pressure on foreign policy regarding imports, and which then in turn, could possibly lead to geopolitical tensions (Deutch, 2010).

Therefore, it is of importance for us as a state with the capability to help alleviate such situation to act accordingly. With the viable and abundant reserves of natural gas New York State contains, we have the power to set an example by helping the United States shift away from imported oil and natural gas by allowing hydrofracking. For example, it is expected that by 2020, 64% of total U. S. energy production will come from some type of natural gas (Christenson et al. , 2017). This in turn, will allow us to improve energy security amongst the nation, all while playing a helping hand in doing so as a state. Overall, helping improve energy security coupled with the effects of economic growth and the environmental benefits, may all indirectly improve the population’s health. I am aware that as Governor of New York you have many responsibilities, but as a concerned citizen, I am asking you to take on this reassessment with as open of a mind as possible. Please consider the evidence I have presented before you for the benefits hydrofracking has to offer regarding: economic, environmental, and energy security issues.

Furthermore, although hydrofracking does offer these benefits, I know it does not come without its health and environmental concerns. Therefore, I am asking that if you do consider lifting the ban on hydrofracking that you do so under some circumstances to allow peace of mind for all citizens regarding these concerns. For example, hydrofracking requires heavy use of freshwater resources, thus there needs to be implementation put into place to allow recycling of fracked water to help alleviate this issue. Also, there needs to be full disclosure of the chemicals being used for hydrofracking to ensure full integrity is met, along with restrictions on the venting of excess natural gas. I believe that with proper implementation regarding these issues we can all experience the rejuvenating effects hydrofracking can have for New York. I would like to express my thanks to you as Governor, and I look forward to the progress that can be made.

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