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Hey, do you remember our first meeting? The first meeting you had in mind is probably different from mine.

My first meeting with you was on that rainy day in April. You remember that I love the rain but I never told you the reason behind it. I didn't have a particular fondness for rain, it just seems so gloomy, so dark.

For some reason, that day, I just wanted to look outside of the window. So the 10 years old me, decided to climb up the couch, peering out of the window. At first, all I saw was rain droplets covering my view then I saw that small figure kneeling and looking at something on the ground, you were holding onto a cute pink umbrella as well.

I remembered thinking, 'what a weird girl, why would anyone want to be out in the rain'. I guess I was weird too, seeing as how I watched over you until the rain cleared and you walked away.

Only then, did I run out of my house to see what you were looking at? It was a small plant, just a seedling with one green leaf. This fueled my assumption of you. 'Why were you sheltering a plant?'

A few weeks later, I learned that you're the new neighbor that moved in, you're the same age as me too. I rarely see you around, the times I did, it was on a rainy day with you sheltering that plant again.

Rainy days soon became a favorite of mine, I wonder when it started? When was it that I started looking forward to it even checking the weather forecast every day and feeling that disappointment when it didn't turn out the way I wanted?

I was 14 when I first muster the courage to talk to you. I recalled how afraid I was when I took my blue umbrella and left my house, hell I was even trembling as I grip on it.

Standing under my umbrella, I reached my hand out to you, and bravely I introduce myself. You glanced at me, obviously surprised but you didn't say anything back, only slipping your cold hand into mine.

We didn't exchange any words after that, satisfied with the comfortable silence that settled in.

That moment became my favorite moment.

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Slowly I began to approach you. First was bringing cookies to your house as an excuse to visit you followed by just hanging with you, unlike what I do with my friends at school, we were happy with the simplest of things. It could be just listening to music, or even just doodling on the same paper.

Even then, you never said a word to me. Did I think about why? You bet I did, but I couldn't come up with an answer. Nevertheless, I understood what you mean. For you, I went and learn hand signs, the young me thought that it was something cool, it felt like a language that only we both understood.

Only when I turn 15, did I have my first realization? That you're mute. Did it bother me? No. Maybe somewhere deep in my heart, I sort of knew already. I accepted you for who you are.

That same year, we had a fight. That was the first time I felt threatened, more like my position as someone important to you was threatened. You found a new friend, someone who you met when you started to go to school instead of being home-schooled. I was worried that I would be forgotten so I said a lot of harsh things I wish I could take back. That look on your face when I turn my back and stormed out of your house, how I wish I wasn't so dumb back then.

After that, there was some time that went by without us talking. Every day, my mind was consumed with thoughts of you, questions that I have no answer to. It took everything in me to not dash to your house and beg for forgiveness because of my pride.

Surprisingly it was you that took the initiative and visit me. Our misunderstanding was quickly resolved.

Our first fight became my treasured memory.

Hey, did you know? After you left that day, I saw everything in a different light. I learned that the reason why you love that plant was that it was similar to my name. I still have no idea when was the first time you met me, nor what made you decide to grow that plant near my house, was it because you already envision this happening and wanted to leave me with something?

The reason you decided to attend school all of a sudden, was that one casual statement I made right? About me wanting to attend school with you one day.

Looking back, I didn't understand you as well as I thought. You were the one who knows me best.

That plant has grown beautiful flowers, don't worry I still take care of them every day. I wish that one day when you come back, you would be happy to see it. Maybe then we can watch it again on a rainy day.

The rain in my heart never stops falling, till the day you return.

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