Essay on First Shower of Rain

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It was mid-July. There had been no rains for several months at a stretch. It was unbearably hot. All the pools and ponds had run dry. The sun shone brightly from the leaden sky. The earth was parched and dry. The cattle were dying in a large number.

People and herds of cattle with their tongues lolling out, took rest in the shade of trees. Birds fluttered about helplessly in search of water, but alas! not a drop of water was to be found anywhere. It was feared that a famine would break out if there were no rains in the near future. People offered prayers and performed ‘Yajnas’ to propitiate the angry gods to send the rains.

At last their prayers were heard. On the 20th of July, a piece of cloud made its appearance on the horizon. It grew bigger and bigger.

Soon the whole sky was completely overcast. Dark, fleecy clouds began to sail in the sky. It was a sight to see. A cool, life-giving breeze began to blow. It began to drizzle. The drizzle soon changed, into a heavy downpour.

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It rained cats and dogs for full two hours. The dark skies groaned like a giant in despair. The trees sighed and moaned as the strong wind passed through them. The lightning flashed and dazzled the eyes. The whole creation seemed to totter at the rumbling of thunder.

The sky burst in all its fury. There was water and water everywhere. The narrow lanes and streets were running streams of water. Children were the happiest of all. They made merry, splashing water at one another. They floated paper boats in the drains. They ran about naked in the streets. Their joy knew no bounds. They sang songs.

There was a fall in the temperature. The weather became cool and pleasant. The trees were washed neat and clean. They looked fresh and green. All dust settled down. It was a happy break in the long spell of the hot and dry weather.

All young and old enjoyed mango parties. Ladies prepared dainty dishes to celebrate the rainy day. The people went out into the open fields to enjoy the beautiful scenes of the cool breeze. The farmers seemed to be happy. Their fields were watered by the beneficent Nature. They entertained hopes of bumper crops. The cattle expected plenty of luscious grass to feed on.

A rainbow appeared in the sky. The peacocks danced. The frogs croaked and the lambs bleated out of joy.

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