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John Keats was born in 1795, and he is a famous romantic poet in England. Keats worships beauty, yearning for beauty as a fundamental truth. His poems of him show the excitement and genius of a talented person and the power of an extraordinary intellect. He was also one of the three dazzling stars in the romantic British poetic sky. Each artist has his unique feeling of each level that makes the treasure of poems about autumn richer and more unique. Among the masterpieces of poems written in autumn, we can not help but mention the collection of poems collected by John Keats, especially To Autumn - a typical work for autumn landscape.

The author uses personification in this poem to describe autumn. Through the first two verses, autumn has a feminine trait that represents a successful harvest. She also claimed to be a 'close bosom-friend of summer and the high sun. Autumn is the season of flowers bloom, and the fruits ripen. It forms a vivid picture under the sun's rays. The autumn sky is so bright and blue that the sky without white clouds is covered with pink clouds. It is like a colorful flower without fragrance. The clouds with the vibrant green shirt have now changed to bright yellow clothes that are more brilliant than all seasons. After a period of cultivation, in the fall, all the fruit trees bear fruit, and it reflects with the sun before dawn. 'To bend with apples, the moss'd cottage.' The apples are helped by the sunlight of autumn to ripen faster and can be reaped. Only autumn yellow can match honey, so bold and fresh. Thu is like a sweet dream, bringing people into nature to forget about the noisy, bustling, and stressful urban life. Bees must search for pollen to make 'later flower for the bee' honey. Autumn is like a sweet dream, bringing people into nature to forget about the noisy, bustling, and stressful urban life.

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Autumn's life cycle is depicted by the personification of the author's imagination. He painted a romantic and lively autumn landscape of farmers. He also talked about the activities that happened in the fall and what he knew through the verses. In the second stanza, he highlighted the activities that autumn had created. Autumn is the season that brings joy to the farmers because it is the fruit harvest season for the industry to produce. The fruits he depicted vividly in the first stanza are like these poems: 'And sometimes like a gleaner, thou dost keep. Steady thy laden head across a brook'. The rice paddy became dazzling in the sunlight of autumn and made the farmers tired of harvesting it. Autumn is the plowing season for farmers. If autumn comes, there will be many benefits to agriculture as there will be harvests of things like rice and fruits. The author also took photos of farmers making algae juice a bright red color. He made readers fascinated by the beauty that he spoke through poems. When the wind breeze, the waves of rice undulating again, chasing each other to the horizon. The first river of the village is clear, like a giant mirror reflecting the clouds. We people are fascinated by the beauty of autumn. It cannot make it possible for us to focus on tasks such as harvesting rice, cutting firewood, or gathering fruit. The rushing winds make us feel as if we fly and mingle with nature.

John creates an autumn piece that the reader hears through the sounds of insects or animals. He also compared the sounds of autumn to sound like the sounds of spring. Autumn is the season when the birds on the tree must leave their nest to earn more branches to shelter from the rain. Birds spread out in the sky and chirped like clouds flying in the sky. Besides, at night, we can hear crickets when we gather together. It is like country music on fields created by crickets. 'The red-breast whistles from a garden croft;' This verse makes the reader feel that the swallows gather together and chirp in the sky at night. These verses make us abstract that it is 'The song of autumn.' As the poet John Keats pointed out, he also thought that he was living in spring, not autumn. In the spring, the swallow will now hover around to hunt for food and gather together to sing for the new year. Autumn is the same, but it will sing together the last songs before winter comes. Then the swallow and the crickets will no longer sing as before. It will crawl into the nest and wait for spring or autumn to come.

An autumn story is described smoothly through the structure of the poem. When we read briefly, we only see a simple and quiet fall. However, when we analyze each stanza, we see a farmer's harvest procedure in the fall. The author has skillfully divided into three stages of harvest: before harvest, harvest, and after harvest. In the first stanza, the first sign of the coming autumn is the air becomes more relaxed, soothing the intense sunlight of the blinding summer. The gardens are teeming with ripe fruits to prepare for transportation and bless a successful crop. In the second stanza, a harvest picture appears when we see the image of a farmer by the straw. The cool breeze blowing through helps the farmer forget his tiredness and hard work. They share their joys and sing together in the fields. The author quickly captured those moments to remind everyone of the happy memories of the crop. No one thinks that autumn can give us so much sweet fruit because the branches start to wither, and the leaves are dyed red. The fall music in the third stanza shows us a crop that ended successfully. The crickets form a band to sing mellow songs to celebrate a successful harvest. Farmers take a break from the freight and prepare for the coming winter. The rustle of the rice flowers and the sound of the wind blowing are gentle songs in the heart of the night. The work was completed, and a fall was gradually closed to make room for the winter.

Overall, his poem will allow people to recognize images in different ways, such as hearing, sight, and touch. Those factors are enough to make people feel comfortable and refreshed after understanding the things he experienced through these stanzas. Although some people will not know what is in the fall, he helped them to know the surroundings and the activities of the scene in the fall. Autumn can recall the different joys and sorrows through what they have experienced.

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