The Effects Of Overpopulation On The Earth

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The society is now facing an extremely serious issue. It is considerable and it can lead to the extinction of human and all other animals on the earth. Many countries and national leaders and even us thrashing around the pollution, global warming and poverty when none of them would exist if the population is under control. We have to look closer at this issue with understanding of its causes, the effects of overpopulation and how we can terminate it.

Our population is now over 7.6 billion people in the world. This is a dramatic number that we ever heard. According to Annual Population report, the global population growth keeps increasing as the estimated world population will reach 9 billion for the next 30 years. The population of India is now 1.31 billion people. This number is nearly 40 times Australia Population but the area of India is approximately 3,200,000 square km that is about two times smaller than Australia. If we do a simple calculation the average density of India is approximately 718 people per square km compare to Australia 3 people per square km. The causes of overpopulation include the lack of contraception education, poverty and child labour.

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The fertility rate is growing in most developing and poor countries. This is because, in poor countries such as in Africa, the proportion of contraception users is only 12 percent compare to Germany is 66 percent or Thailand, 64 percent. But why this rate is quite low? This is because the most contraceptive sources are rarely accessible in undeveloped countries which are devastated by poverty and leads to higher rate of child birth. Moreover, the rate of fertility is mostly in teenagers in Africa and other poor countries. In these countries, teenagers don’t have any knowledge about fertility and the sexual education is not taught in school.

Another reason that causes the overpopulation is the injustice child labour. The labour of child is still used extensively in many countries around the world. According to UNICEF there are nearly 150 million children under 16 are now working in the factory instead of going to school for education, largely in countries that child labour laws not to be cared. In these countries, child labour being seen as a source of income by penurious families. Additionally, children who begin work at young age also lose the chances to go to school for education and they should be granted, particularly when it comes to birth control as mentioned before.

Our global society have suffering, enduring and encountering numerous undesirable issues. They are caused from uncontrollable population. As the population increases, the competition for basic resource-land, food, water and energy that leads to poverty. We are fighting every day to eliminate poverty. We all know how catastrophic and horrible it is? Imagine this room is our globe, there are approximately 20 people in this room now and there are 20 cupcakes that enough for these people. What’s happened if the number of people increase up to 100 and the number of cupcakes is still the same? Exactly, there’s not many people get a cupcake? It’s the same with our global population. Nowadays, there are more than 1.3 billion people live in extremely poverty. Do you want our future one day, poverty won’t happened only in some countries, poverty will spread out over our society? That’s why we have to take action from now to eliminate and avoid it happen. However, it would be an impossible dream if the overpopulation is uncontrollable, the issue that causes other issues we are facing.

Poverty is not only the issue that causes from overpopulation. Climate change is another serious one that we are fighting against every day. Human population growth and climate change have changed hand in hand as the trees have been cut to serve more area for a huge population and that leads to increasing of CO2. China, one of the highest population countries in the world and they are facing the most serious consequence of climate change. Especially in Beijing, the air in there is the most polluted that you ever heard. Imagine every day you leave your house to work or study, the thing you look at every day is not a weather forecast but it is the air quality forecast and this is what’s happened in Beijing. Now it is the time to fix this problem by controlling the population if we don’t’ that means we will move forward to extinction of human and the earth.

Overpopulation issue is not unresolvable and us who should be ashamed of ourselves for leading this issue. We have to take the action to solve this problem. Firstly, the population in developing and poor countries need to be concerned as it is the root of the problem. We are one of the developed countries, our responsibility to help them prevent overpopulation. The poorly-implemented or the lack of sex education that led to population growth is over in many countries. We should call for improvement to be made, particularly in poorer areas of the world. Better education will give people more knowledge about the potential consequences of having sex as their relation to child birth. The Government should combine contraception with better fertility education. Therefore, people cannot apply what they have learned in to practice. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in the developing countries, there are more than 22 million would prefer to delay giving birth but there is not any contraceptive using. As a result, we should support improving access to contraceptives in these countries. The policy one child by family like it was in China should be worldwide in order to keep the world population under control.

Only individuals cannot solve the problem and change the world. Therefore, we have to hold our hands together to shape a new world, the world of happiness. I have belief in you, I have belief in us and I have belief in the union of our society that we can solve this problem. As when overpopulation will be solved, we will get rid of poverty, climate change and other issues. Now at this moment, let’s take the action for the bright future because it won’t be if we don’t take any action.

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