Descriptive Essay about Spring Season

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Hello Spring, is that really you? Every morning I greet the most awaited season of renewal, rebirth, and regrowth of nature. The older I grow the more I love spring and spring flowers. What could be sweeter than homemade gingerbread or coconut cake with sweet tea, nasturtiums and peonies from my own garden, and a heartfelt verse? My beloved blooms, these “beautiful children of spring”, inspire me with metaphors! Today I went out again into the field near my house. I like to hide within flowers and take the sunshine in my hands. With trembling silence, I hear the bright bee hum. The lovely flowers embarrass me. They make me regret I am not a bee. It all looks like the blossom of the brain and it inspires me to write more and more, to create a new bouquet of poetry. How great it is when the first violets appear in the spring! Each violet is especially unique. I cherish these flowers above others for the “unsuspected” splendor with which they decorate the meadow. One of the most aesthetically dramatic pages in my herbarium features eight different kinds of violet. But today I have added one more peculiar violet to my herbarium. The appearance of this one violet in my herbarium is very symbolic, nine years in a row every spring I find a particular violet and none of them are similar in color, because every spring violets have a different color. The reason is that every spring is special, we just should learn to see this beauty...


5:00 AM – the sound of melodious birds woke me to a room full of light. The sun was already out so I decided to get up and face with the first day of my summer journey. I am sure it will be an adventure full of inspiration. The mirror’s reflection revealed that this world completely belonged to me. It made me feel empowered.

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7:00 AM – I wore my favorite long white dress to escape to the garden. I wanted to write a letter to my closest friend Charles. When I sit in the garden I feel this lively sweet wind that makes me think of the times when I used to pluck flowers with my sister last summer.

8:00 AM – I made the decision to flow to the forest in order to find some flowers. I was walking around for a while when I found a stunning rose in the light of the sun. I did not expect to find such a gem there. The smell of the rose…oh… it brought me back to the memories of last summer and I completely forgot about the letter to my precious Charles. I took three petals of the rose for my herbarium so I could remember this soulful moment…

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