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'The Little Match Girl' is Hans Christian Andersen's novel. The tale is not only popular because of its poignant tragedy but because of its elegance as well. Our imagination (and literature) may give us warmth, and relief from so much of the struggles of life. Yet it is also possible for literature to serve as a reminder of personal responsibility.

Importance and how connected to the real world

Hans Christian Andersen's novel “The Little Match Girl” is a fictional story about a young girl who is sent out without a hat or shoes on a snowy night to sell matches to gain her family's money. She is scared to go home even though she is freezing because her father would punish her for not getting any money back. But, in order to stay warm, she sits between a few houses and lights some matches. She has illusions as she illuminates each play.

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How do we react when we see people on the street begging? We ask ourselves if they are pulling at our emotions. Or do we disapprove see their way of asking for money? When the story was written it was illegal to beg on the streets. The little match-girl is unloved, neglected, and shoeless in the novel. There's nothing more pathetic about it than a starving, cold, lonely little girl who's scared of going home. Yet, nobody is supporting her. This story lets the reader think twice about passing without giving support to those in need. In our modern world, many people care about themselves if they do not know the pleasure of loving others. They have restrictions that are self-imposed. Many feel that they can only do too much so what they can give or do for others is limited. When everyone was celebrating New Year’s Eve no one even thought to buy matches for the girl or help her. Everyone was busy with their families and celebrating. This is a sign of cruelty a boy is robbing a slipper from her, and no one is trying to rescue her as she freezes to death. The girl remains virtuous throughout these inequities, never questioning or fighting back or performing cruelty of her own. Her ascension to the sky is her way to avoid the cruelty she is experiencing.

Hans Christian Anderson wrote about a magical New Year's Eve Feast during the second vision that any poor hungry child will be overjoyed to join in, he said, “where the light fell on the wall…damp wall was left behind.” The poor girl could only dream of taking part in such an expensive meal during this time. Salaries were small, and times were really difficult for some. This vision addresses how starving the little girl really is, and she will certainly die if she does not freeze. Someone could have come out and invited her in or could have offered her a blanket which could have helped the little girl to survive.

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This story is also an example of child abuse. Child violence can lead to immediate harmful physical consequences, but it is also closely related to neurological issues and multiple lifelong physical and psychological consequences, including resulting ill-being, increased prevalence of chronic illnesses, high-risk behavioral habits, and decreased lifespan. The same happened with the litter girl because as she was not able to sell any matches she was scared that her dad with beat her up.

It's a tragic tale about a little girl who won't lose her heart until the last match. She did her hardest in the freezing cold temperatures to market the matches. In the end, when hope and faith came hand in hand to support her, she got salvation from all the troubles, and she was out of all suffering. She shared the joys of the New Year with her grandma, nearly frozen to death, when no one could possibly think of a splendid life.

In the story, there are also some religious beliefs. The protagonist had a strong conviction in faith and heaven that god would give us all the things we desire, and so an innocent girl entered a life where misery, suffering, and sorrow were no longer necessary. The tale also portrays the importance of partnerships. The girl had a close friendship with her grandma, who used to speak to her as if she were alive, even after her death. She didn't want to risk it, so she lit up the entire package of matches. Superstition also takes place in the story in the shape of a falling star. According to the writer, a soul rises when a star falls. Therefore, one may assume that the tale is a synthesis of several elements.


The little girl was swept away by her grandmother in the final moment because as two she headed out for a place where there was no more ice, hunger, or terror.

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