Chinese New Year Traditions

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It's that time of year again chun-yin the biggest annual human migration on the planet Julian or the Spring Festival travel rush is a big part of the Chinese New Year festivities as hundreds of millions of people make their way across the country and beyond is expected to be about three billion trips made over the 40 days.

So how does China's transport system handle that many travelers and what people do when they reach their destination this is Xinhua special I'm rushing to me this year marks 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China in that time Chinese families incomes have grown dramatically and with that, the way they travel has changed this year there will be almost 5000 train services running every day and over half a million planes scheduled over Chung-Yong as a whole Julian is a relatively new phenomenon the term was first used in the 1980s when people were leaving their hometowns to find work in growing cities.

A week-long holiday is often the only chance to be reunited with loved ones and yeah like all festivals food is a central part of Spring Festival and in Leonin. They have a brilliant take on an old favorite the history of dumplings goes back thousands of years and they can have all kinds of feelings but here in the under 30 degrees of North-East China server in first all dumplings.

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But what Evers inside the wrapping is essential to give it that distinctive shape thought to mimic ancient gold or silver ingots. Sometimes while wrapping dumplings a coin or a peanut might be included and whoever finds it will be extra lucky that year.

Chinese new year offerings

I'm on the corner yonder Oh Gumby another important way in which Chinese families welcome the new year is through the customs and traditions that bring families closer together yep Arthur Oh Julia almost every Chinese family buys this Chilean to celebrate the Lunar New YearNand on the street in Can, you can get a pair wrote by master calligraphers the chun-yin or spring couplets are a tradition that dates back about 2,000 years.

When people would hand peach, would chance to guard the gates to write a good chun-yin you need to be a master in both calligraphy and literature Girona young Yakuza don't see human besides food and customs there's a lot to do and see over the festive season from p.m. partners or associates all guys.

Chinese new year traditions

Here for now quit tourism is a growing part of spring the festival this year seven million Chinese tourists will travel to over 500 tourist destinations in more than 90 countries and regions all the same home is where the heart is the states as the younger generationL eaves the village for the higher wages of the city event like this the dragon dance more important than ever here in beige old wooden bitches are used to get a very very warm dragon in a tradition that goes back over 500 years this 1200 meter long dragon has hundreds of benches from each of the religious families the procession unites the village as they come together to pay their respects to their ancestors and pray for peace and prosperity in the coming year from dragon dances to dumplings from chimney enter Xianyang customs and traditions have evolved to meet changing needs and taste nevertheless spring festival is a celebration of values embedded in Chinese culture family community tradition and of course food this year will be the year of a rat will be the Year of the Metal Rat so before I joined Shenyang let me wish you good fortune in the coming year and a half a spring festival

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