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Reflective Essay on Holiday Traditions: Celebrating New Year and Christmas in My Family

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In my family we celebrate different holidays. It’s Christmas, Victory Day, Independence Day, and more. I have two favorites: New Year and Christmas. These holidays are very popular in my family and throughout the country. Moreover, they are observed almost at the same time but are still different. However, they are more different than similar, and I will try to explain. Firstly, these holidays have different meanings. New Year is the main calendar holiday that occurs at the time of transition from the last day of the year to the first day of the next year. Celebrate this holiday on the night of December 31 to January 1. Christmas is one of the largest celebrations celebrated by all Christians. This event is celebrated on January 7th, as it is believed that Jesus Christ was born on that day. Secondly, each of the holidays has its own symbols. Each of the characters has its own special meaning.

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The Christmas holiday has four special attributes: a Christmas wreath, a bell, kaladki, and a first guest. For example, kaladki are special songs that are sung at the celebration of Christmas. The New Year’s symbols in Belarus are a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, gifts and New Year’s cards, tangerines, Olivier salad, fireworks, a red five-pointed star, animals from the Chinese horoscope, and champagne. Red five-pointed star made to decorate the top of the tree. There can be no other toys. Thirdly, both holidays are considered family but are celebrated differently. New Year is a great holiday in our country. in the whole country, no one works or learns a day off. It is usually celebrated at home among family members. We decorate our house, put a Christmas tree, buy gifts for each other, prepare a lot of delicious food and clean the house. The incredible smell of tangerines and Christmas trees makes this holiday atmospheric. At twelve o’clock in the morning, we watch the president on TV, which is addressed with traditional congratulatory words. Under the chiming clock, we make wishes for next year and then watch New Year’s concerts, sing karaoke, and play different games. Having fun almost all night.

The next day, friends usually come to wish a happy New Year to all family members. In turn, it is generally accepted that miracles happen at Christmas, and in general wonderful and magical things happen. The culmination of the holiday falls on the evening of January sixth, it is also called Holy Evening. On the evening of January 6, we go to the church with the whole family, and after that, we eat special lean food. Grandma cooks over 13 lean dishes. Lays hay on the table, and a tablecloth on top. Before you start to eat, everyone makes wishes. After all, together with friends, it is customary to dress up and go into each house with the holiday, congratulatory songs, and poems. Very sad, because many traditions are forgotten today. New Year and Christmas is a special time for every Belarusian. Even though both family holidays are more different than the same. However, this does not prevent them from loving equally. Generations change but traditions remain. In my family, we always celebrate these Holidays and try to honor traditions.

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