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When compared to other countries' celebrations, the Philippines' Christmas celebration is rather unique. It starts to feel like Christmas as soon as September arrives. People are beginning to purchase items for use as decorations. Filipinos are beginning to arrange the things needed to celebrate Christmas at this time. Some families are considering how they may make their decorations more appealing. Children are ecstatic and planning what gifts they would want to receive from Santa Claus. We Filipino Christians believe that Jesus Christ was born on December 25, and we commemorate the King's birth on that day. Christmas is the time of year when we try to avoid thinking about the negative aspects of life and instead focus on spreading joy and excitement to everyone. The belief is that the core of Christmas is about offering each other peace, acceptance, love, and care rather than monetary gifts.

Just a few months before the Christmas season begins, each household gathers decorations. There are certain sorts of families that expose their homes to the public and have spent a significant amount of money to accomplish the desired interior design. Some families have begun to purchase ornaments for their tall Christmas trees, such as garlands, Santa Claus, Belen, Christmas lights, and other decorations. Some families still wish to utilize the same things they did a year ago. You can hear Jose Marie Chan's music being played on a speaker by your neighbors at this time. Every Christmas, we can simply listen to music, and the food will never grow old.

Having a Christmas party is another fun activity. On the day before the second week of December, the kids began to gather to plan how they would celebrate, what food they would cook, and what activities they would play to enjoy the celebration. They're also starting to do something called 'Monito at Monita,' where they have a certain category for what gif they'll make, for example, today's category is something red, tomorrow's is something long, and so on. Everyone is excited, especially the children because they expect their parents to purchase them new shoes, jeans, dresses, clothing bags, and other stuff. On the day of the Christmas party, you can see that many students arrive early wearing their new clothes and carrying their gifts, while others eat and peek into other classes to see what foods they provide and others watch the activities that the other section prepares. My favorite part is the exchange of gifts since we can't wait to see what our classmates will give us.

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The 'Misa de Gallo' is another wonderful aspect of the Christmas celebrations in the Philippines. People are planning to attend mass at churches close to their homes beginning December 16th. The entire family awoke early to prepare for the first of nine days of mass, the 'Misa de Gallo.' Even when the weather was terrible and it was freezing outdoors, we Filipinos still wanted to go to church. After the mass, you'll find a large number of families outside the churches purchasing the greatest Christmas cuisine known as 'bibingka at puto bung bong.' Another reason Filipinos desire to finish the nine-day mass is that we think that when we finish it, we will have the opportunity to ask God for something and He will grant it to us. The best purpose, though, is to connect with God, to build their faith, and to tie their family's hope and love under God's guidance.

Another activity that Filipinos, particularly children, enjoy during the Christmas season is what we name 'caroling.' This is a tradition in which a group of individuals, such as youth, children, or adults, prepares a Christmas song and performs it in front of houses with the accompaniment of their instrument. Certain groups are incredibly gifted in music and singing, to the point that they play in front of people's homes with their instruments, such as guitars. Some groups don't have any instruments, while others make their instruments out of bottle caps. Many youngsters are on the street around 7:00 p.m., especially on the 22nd and 24th of the night, when it is entertaining to listen to an increasing number of children who have been given singing skills. They ask for a small payment after their singing, which they consider a Christmas present, but we can't deny that there are times when we don't have anything to offer.

When December 25 came people were so busy preparing food that they would eat at midnight. We can deny that we are always spending money on preparing and cooking food that we want on the table for Christmas day. Some of these include spaghetti, which is one of the most popular dishes we prepare this season, lumpia, pansit, macaroni, salad, graham, cake, fruit salad, lechon, ham sandwich, queso de bola, and many others. On December 25, we Filipinos used to go to our relatives to pay a visit. Children are going to others' houses to look and eat especially asking for money as their Christmas gift. Children are also visiting their godparents and we can't deny the excitement in their eyes when they receive money or gift from them.

In conclusion, there are a lot of events that each of us is waiting for when the Christmas season is near. Furthermore, we believe that this is the season of giving, where we must give especially to those people who need assistance that's why there are rich people who are making other people's Christmas more special by giving them Christmas packages that they may eat on the Christmas day. This season is also a season of forgiveness; Jesus was born in that season so we must give him a treasure that is making peace with everyone. We will ask forgiveness to those people that we did something wrong and give forgiveness to people who apologize to us. This season binds our family together and makes us stronger.

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