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Whether it is the 5th of November, a day at Disneyland, or New Year’s Day, fireworks are used to entertain people of all ages, genders, and races with flashing lights and loud noises. But that fun and entertainment can lead to severe injuries and even death, all because of the lack of awareness the general public has regarding the dangers of fireworks. Families have been ripped apart because of fireworks that don’t actually work, and they’ve ended up causing a death. This happens every year, not once, not twice but at least 6 times someone will die because of a firework mishap, and it’s not always been the person using it, it’s been bystanders, neighbors, and anyone who’s walked past. To prevent this, only professional teams should be allowed to use these for displays only.

Imagine fireworks didn’t exist, and someone randomly suggested we fire explosives into the air. No one would enjoy or agree with it because it seems extremely dangerous setting random, unpredictable chemicals out into the open. You would definitely be going to prison. Fireworks are basically bombs, all these random chemicals that you don’t know, mixed together, praying for the firework to set off in the right direction. There are even some fireworks named after bombs that are used in warzones, The Cherry Bomb and M1000 (2). The Cherry Bomb straight up looks like a bomb with a wick hanging out the top and a round shape. Fireworks contain 75% potassium, mixed with gunpowder, 15% charcoal, and 10% sulfur, and some companies add more or change the formula to make the fireworks seem bigger and better (4). These fireworks are weaponizing the public and creating warzones in their back gardens. Fireworks could be the start of World War 3 in this case.

In the UK, every year, more than 1,000 people are seriously injured and left with life-changing injuries because of fireworks the general public has lit (5). Some injuries are caused by irresponsible teenagers who think it’s all fun and games to set them off and over 60% of those teens playing with fireworks are awfully injured because of this (5). The most dangerous firework in the United Kingdom which causes the most injuries is actually sparklers (2). Sparklers cause around 20-30% of injuries within young kids and teenagers because you have kids and teenagers unaware of the danger of waving these about and just these small sticks burn at almost 2000 degrees. But only 10% of kids making their own homemade fireworks were left with injuries, in comparison to those using professionally made sparklers.

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As well as causing injuries, fireworks may also set houses on fire. Fireworks may land on roofs or trees in gardens and set the whole house alight within just a few seconds. Picture your beautiful house burnt down right to the ashes because someone, unprofessional, tried to entertain your family and friends or even your neighbours with fireworks. This reveals to us that this is a risk to light fireworks because it could possibly lead to houses being burnt down.

The general public has a lack of control over fireworks opposed to professional teams who have it all under control. Professional teams always have the audience at has safe distance away from the display and always check for wildlife around the display. On the other hand, a family member lighting a firework in their back garden for the entertainment of their friends and family adds much more danger as there is a higher risk of fireworks going off at ground level instead of in the air and fireworks not going off when there meant to. You also scare neighborhood pets because fireworks make a lot of noise and animals have very sensitive ears (6). The general public believes that they’re like some professionals when it comes to fireworks, they’re so confident and smug about themselves that they forget how dangerous fireworks are and are putting their full family, friends, neighbors, and the rest of the public at major risk.

Many petitions focus on banning fireworks and the government is making improvements such as you can only purchase fireworks between the 15th of October to the 10th of November, and the 26th of December to the 31st of December (8). The government also introduced laws about when you can set fireworks off, but what they don’t understand is that ‘’they cause damage to buildings, vehicles, and emergency vehicles’’ and ‘’kids are still being sold these’’ (7). Another recent news article by The Independent shows that more than 40,000 people signed a petition for a new law that bans fireworks from the general public (10). The organizer of the petition, Julie Doorn, told the news company: ‘’ We’re asking the Government to look again at the firework legislation. We have never said we don’t want [official] displays, but many come out of the blue’’ (10) the government has put strategies in place to prevent kids from getting their hands on fireworks and fireworks being set off on any random day but there need to be stricter consequences for anyone who doesn’t follow these laws. It all comes down to the government's decision and there must be a change fast before a war starts with fireworks.

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