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Fire Safety Essays

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Fire Safety Engineering Problems: Case Studies

The fire safety engineering has been finding increased use in the recent time as with the rapid globalization and interconnectivity. FDIs have been flowing into the infra market and which has put the focus on how to improve the fire safety particularly in engineering applications. This review basically focusses on innovative solutions to fire safety problem in those cases where prescriptive building regulations are costly and there are some restrictions in building design. It basically presents case studies where the...
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Why Is Fire Safety Important Essay

Fire safety is of vital importance and refers to planning and infrastructure design aimed at reducing the risk of fire or impeding the spread of fire when one does break out. Fire safety encompasses the use of fire-resistant building materials, preventative actions, safe work practices, fire safety training, flame-resistant protective clothing, and more. So while designing a building it is important that it should be fire safe. The main aim of surveys concerning fire safety is to understand the various...
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Essay on Fire Safety at Home

In 2018, the frequency of house fires reached an all-time high, making it more important now than ever to know how to safely and effectively handle a house fire situation. With the rise in popularity of manufactured and modular homes, houses are burning faster than ever before. There are many risk factors that contribute to the likelihood of a house fire, from the amount and what a person cooks to improper electrical and heating equipment installation. The best way to...
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Using Fire Engineering Approach to Fire Safety: Analytical Essay

Performance based fire engineering approach is an approach that objectives are converted into performance levels that need to be specified such as fire safety goals and there is a sequence of steps for the design with the use of the fire engineering approach. The fire safety codes used in Hong Kong are mainly adopting the codes of United Kingdom (UK) with some changes that need to suit the local regulation. The building design is required to be submitted to the...
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Essay on Fire Prevention and Safety

Fire prevention and awareness should be tolerated and practiced by all the crew members and passengers. In this situation, the unity, cooperation, and camaraderie of all the people would surely work. Fire would be risky for all the passengers and crew members. A fire on board a vessel is a very serious situation, unless the fire can be quickly put out, there is a risk of spreading it and gaining momentum to very fast becoming a frightening threat to the...
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Passive Building Construction, Active Fire Protection System and Fire Safety Management: Analytical Essay

The construction industry around the world is becoming constructing green and sustainable buildings nature. To satisfy the assessment criteria being suggested and proposed, newly architectural features and innovative ideas, newly mechanical and electrical systems, and suitable energy and environment management scheme have been raise out. Moreover, fire safety issues have not yet been properly assessed and elevated. There have been different conflicts among the green or sustainable building design and fire safety provisions . Provision of fire safety have been...
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Analytical Essay on Fire Safety: Literature Review

Flynn 1989 (Guide to Fire Precautions in Existing Hostels, Guesthouses and Similar Premises), listed standardized procedures for development and implementation of fire safety programmes for each individual premise to include: (1) prevention of outbreak of fire through establishment of day to day fire prevention procedures; (2) instruction, training and exercising of management and staff on all matters relating to fire safety; (3) emergency procedure and fire evacuation drills; (4) provision of fire safety instructions to the public/guests; (5) maintenance of...
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Subject of Structural Fire Safety: Analytical Essay

This paper will explore the information known until know about the subject of Structural Fire Safety. Not only will it consider the present solutions to its problems, but it will also examine and explain most of the details given to the public while also predicting the future and the development of this practice and practitioners. It will start its informing and summarizing part with mentioning the strategies, preventions and passive elements of a fire hazard situation. It will go in...
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Attitudes of NUIG Students to and Their Knowledge of Fire Safety Guidelines: Analytical Essay

Background Fire is a word with serious meaning. Essentially there are three elements that are required for a fire to take place. A Fuel source, heat to cause ignition and oxygen, without one of these elements fire cannot occur. These 3 conditions are referred to as the fire triangle (Pentapati, Purayil & Kukkamalla, 2015). A fire can be extinguished by removing one of the elements. Three methods for fire extinguishing are starvation (removing fuel), Cooling (Removing heat) and Blanketing (Removing...
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Reflective Essay on Violation of Fire Safety Rules

In late November my roommates and I were found to be violating student conduct policies that related to student housing. I was found guilty of tampering fire safety equipment and being in possession of drug paraphernalia. The witnesses included our building director, CA, and two public safety officers. After taking responsibility for those listed above I have been put on deferred housing, disciplinary probation, and had to complete two online programs related to the incident. The first program I had...
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