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New York City is a megacity with over 18.8 million people. New York City was made up of five boroughs which are Staten Island, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. The Empire State Building is a skyscraper that gets struck by lightning 23 times a year. New York City needs more cultural activities/buildings because the only cultural things that New York City has are museums and memorials. New York needs more infrastructure than any other city. Megacity Analysis - Growth and...
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Infrastructure decay and unemployment are both problems that our politicians have been trying to solve for close to a century. In my research, I noticed an unmistakable similarity between infrastructure expansion and modernization, and economic growth. When an economy grows, there is higher consumer spending and confidence, increasing demands for products. When demand for products increases, the construction of factories to produce those products gains as well, and those factories need workers, thus decreasing unemployment. In order to get to...
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Critical infrastructure keeps on being at risk from continually developing threats in cyberspace, which should be tended to in an all-encompassing and powerful way to secure economies and social orders. The world is changing, and computerized and physical frameworks are meeting. Frameworks that once remained solitary overseeing critical infrastructure tasks are associated with the web and sharing touchy information. This new world structure carries with it new security issues. Critical infrastructure organizations must utilize a hearty structure that can envision...
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“Technology is a Useful Servant but a Dangerous Master” -Christian Lous Lange When technology was introduced to the world, it was like a virus that continued to spread and couldn’t be stopped. Technology is compared to as magic. It has allowed users to exceed humanity according to Einstein. It awed the world with its creations, but it also created a world of monsters taking advantage of all the opportunities that it has to give. It gives people chances, but it...
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This report provides an outline of why railway infrastructure development is an important part of urban development and the multidisciplinary nature of its design and construction process ('Engineering the Railway Industry,'). This report also includes an overview of a life cycle assessment of railway infrastructure, focusing specifically on the steel rail component of the track bed. The life cycle assessment does not provide numerical data showing the environmental impact the component has during its lifetime, but rather an assessment of...
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Transport allows for increased mobility and access however the levels of mobility and access are not necessarily always equal. Boston illustrates how mobility can contribute towards increasing levels of social and economic inequalities. In 2017, the Brookings Institution stated that Boston suffered “from the worst income inequality of a major US city (Clauss, 2017). Boston’s transport system has been named one of the worst transport systems in the USA, in 2019, the Boston Globe reported that the “Massachusetts Bay Transportation...
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As of 2019, Kuala Lumpur is the ninth city in the world with 300m skyscrapers. Starting from 2020, Kuala Lumpur has 9 400m projects under construction and planning. It can be said that Kuala Lumpur is the most enthusiastic city in the world with high-rise buildings. In this essay, I want to argue my position that Kuala Lumpur should slow down the construction and planning of super-tall buildings moderately and tackle the uneconomic problems caused by high-rise buildings. High-Rise Building...
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New York City is encountering an unusual juncture of a growing phenomenon which is the widespread decay of bridge infrastructures. Many bridges in New York City have been constructed for 50 years or more, and they are now approaching or exceeding its originally intended design life. There was an overlooked in the designs of the bridges in New York City when the bridges were first built. There was an inability and difficulty in forecasting the future usage such as traffic...
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Pakistan-China Economic Corridor is a framework of regional connectivity, a project linked with China’s ‘One Belt Project’ (OBOR). CPEC will not only benefit China and Pakistan but will also improve the trade between Iran, Afghanistan, India, Central Asian Republic, and the region. The enhancement of geographical linkages will have improved road, rail and air transportation system with frequent and free exchanges of growth. CPEC looks forward to modernize and revive the ancient route known as the Silk Road/Route. The Silk...
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