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Transparency and Accountability as Worthy Principle of Public Policy

For this assignment, which is justifying contributions to the development of the poster for the 10 principles of a good public policy, five peer-reviewed articles that discuss the principle of transparency and accountability as a worthy principle of a good public policy were selected. These principles were selected using a working hypothesis, thus, openness is a key element for the formulation of good public policy. This hypothesis helped me to lunch exploratory research studies (theoretical framework) and to critically deduce...
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Essay on Theories of Public Policy

Public policy making is essential in making sure that the government is guided in order to reach rational decisions. It is there to give clarity to the internal and external stakeholders on how an organization operates (in this context the government), how resources will be allocated, and how everything will operate in a country. Public policy can also be defined as “a relatively stable, purposive course of action followed by an actor or set of actors in dealing with a...
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Essay on History of Alaska’s Aviation Infrastructure

To begin this paper, we should have an understanding of what Alaska likes. Alaska is no small state by any means stretching as far as 663,267 square miles. With that said Alaska is known for its cold climate with mountains, hill, and more. Not just that but you can also find blizzard and having snow year-round. Pilots that fly in these areas should be ready for IFR conditions. Alaska is also home to forests, lakes, and a diverse amount of...
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Essay on Concept of Public Policy

There is no universally accepted definition of policy and public policy. This is due to the fact that policy is very much evasive in the sense that it changes in meaning in accordance with the different contexts or point of views used (Biruk, 2014). As a result, there is no general consensus exist concerning the exact definition of public policy. Thus, some scholars define and conceptualize it as follows. For instance, Barrett, S. and Fudge, C. (1981) provide a lead...
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Reshaping of New York City's Infrastructure: Essay

New York City is a megacity with over 18.8 million people. New York City was made up of five boroughs which are Staten Island, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. The Empire State Building is a skyscraper that gets struck by lightning 23 times a year. New York City needs more cultural activities/buildings because the only cultural things that New York City has are museums and memorials. New York needs more infrastructure than any other city. Megacity Analysis – Growth and...
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Essay on Public Policy: Detroit Literacy

Many people who live in Detroit are lacking even simple literacy skills. Children are not getting the education and assistance they need. Some people can’t fill out basic job applications or even read their prescription on their pill bottles. Detroit’s school system once served as a model for the nation during the 1920s and 1930s. As the years have gone on, this framework system has grown into something that holds some of the lowest literacy rates in the country. In...
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Essay on Public Policy, Its Main Models and Approaches

Public policy is about solving and addressing the problems related to public. Public policy is basically an instrument to guide societal actions in accordance with certain predetermined goals. In making of public policy, there are two types of actors (stakeholders): on the one hand, there is the government, and on the other hand, there is the public; both play key role in shaping the public policy. They are the means by which community are served. Public policy plays a very...
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Public Policy Under the Belt and Road Initiative: Essay

Public policy, whether in the domestic or international context, is of variable scope. It is often referred to as an amorphous exception the unruly horse. Burrough, J. stating that public policy is a very unruly horse, and when once you get astride, you never know where it will carry you. It may lead you from the sound law. It is never argued at all but when other points fail. It is some moral, social, or economic principle so sacrosanct as...
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Essay on Public Policy and Approaches to Its Definition

Conceptual contestation has been causing a lot of difficulties in the study of politics. The analysis has been maturing and with that the typologies have increasingly been given priority. Public policies are usually analyzed as the result of interests’ interplay or institutional structure. This essay aims to explain and summarize the existing conceptual debate on the question, ‘What is public policy?, by identifying the different analytical dimensions of public policy framework. I will do so by attempting to lay out...
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Exploring Behavioural Public Policies

Behavioral public policies, often known as nudges, are policies developed using behavioral economics and social psychology research, aiming to shape our psychological and behavioral tendencies to benefit individuals’ long-term interests, while preserving freedom of choice (Pykett et al., 2015). Thaler and Sunstein’s research (2008) exploring behavioral economics and nudges was pioneering in shaping public and private policy and administration, this was adopted by the behavioral insight team (BIT) in the UK, introduced under David Cameron’s leadership in 2010. The seven-member...
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Essay on Ethics in Public Policy

The modern world continues to struggle with ethical dilemmas in the private and public sector. Many of the proposed solutions for social betterment have failed or culminated in extreme outcomes, like the Holocaust. A tension between scientific rationality and philosophy have created a paradox of human behavior, where public administration policies have produced systems that allow evil to function and operate openly through moral inversion. Understanding the factors that create ethical frameworks, and how they are sometimes bypassed, assists public...
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Conceptualizations in Public Policy

Public policy has been thoroughly debated concept ever since its initial conceptualization in the 1950’s, which was interpreted by Harold Lasswell (Birkland, 2001). Although in a very basic sense, it could be defined as the desires and specific values of a governing body. There have been various visualizations that have been associated with public policy through various political actors, as different perspective approaches could completely alter its whole definition. I will be demonstrating two different conceptualizations of public policy, through...
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Real Time Traffic Congestion Street Level Mapping in Surigao City: Descriptive Essay

Introduction Surigao City is a 3rd class component city and capital of the province of Surigao Del Norte, Philippines According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 154,137 people.  In this City Traffic congestion is normal issue in any street organization. At the point when the quantity of vehicles surpasses the furthest reaches of the street, it causes traffic congestion having various degrees of seriousness. Noticing and oversight of traffic for constant just as broadened term judgment is...
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Racial Equity in Planning: Affordable Housing in the City of Portland

Providing enough affordable housing has been a main priority for the City of Portland. Numerous housing projects have been initiated by Metro and BPS to tackle this immense issue. In the survey, eight out of twenty-five open-answer responses expressed concern about the affordable housing issue. The Comprehensive Plan recognizes that the racial income gap needs to be closed and provide upward mobility for low-income households in order to build a sustainable city economy (Portland, 2020a). In order to sustain one...
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Pros and Cons of the Department of Education

In the United States, the 10th amendment gives those rights not prohibited to the states or given to the federal government, which are reserved to the States. One element of the American Government that falls under the 10th Amendment is the prospect of education. In the United States of America, education is primarily left to the devices of the states to determine educational standards and practices. However, there is a United States Department of Education that plays an important role...
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President Trump's Key Proposals on the United States Mexico Canada Agreement and His Vision for Health Care Reform: Analytical Essay

On February 4,2020 the State of the Union Address was given by Donald Trump, to the 116th U.S. Congress. The address covered a number of topics that President Trump plans to implement into the American Society for this upcoming year and to show people his vision for the United States. Since our president has been in office he has made a lot of considerable promises. During his address he talked about our economy, national security, and asked Congress to pass...
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Portrayals of New Urbanism: Opinion Essay

Portrayal of history We can consider the history of planning as a progression series of new urban methodologies. Emergencies in urban conditions lead to new arranging ideas and approaches intended to rectify the situation. Kelbaugh (1989) noticed that new urbanists draw on 2000 years of involvement with building great urban communities. New urbanism investigates the history, drawing exercises essentially from the classical style conventions of the Greeks, Romans, and Europeans. Urbanism in these customs ordinarily encouraged individual and social glorification....
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Overview of Greater Sydney Region’s Past and Current Housing Affordability Situation

The purpose of this briefing is to provide an overview of the Greater Sydney region’s past and current housing affordability situation. Key concerns and current policies will be outlined, so as to ensure that effective housing affordability solutions are implemented. This discussion will be supported by analysis of international case studies and pieces of various academic literature. It is recommended that the information provided in this briefing be taken into consideration when establishing new housing affordability policy directions for the...
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Infrastructure Expansion

Infrastructure decay and unemployment are both problems that our politicians have been trying to solve for close to a century. In my research, I noticed an unmistakable similarity between infrastructure expansion and modernization, and economic growth. When an economy grows, there is higher consumer spending and confidence, increasing demands for products. When demand for products increases, the construction of factories to produce those products gains as well, and those factories need workers, thus decreasing unemployment. In order to get to...
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Influence of Traffic Congestion on Environment: Analytical Essay

Traffic congestion is a major issue in cities that creates long commutes and contributes to a large amount of greenhouse gas emissions. The unpredictability of traffic patterns undermines the effectiveness of static traffic models which are unable to adapt to changes. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used to reduce traffic congestion by modifying the behavior of interconnected traffic signals because current traffic management systems are insufficient to tackle this growth of traffic on the road networks. First we...
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Identifying Threats and Vulnerabilities in Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure keeps on being at risk from continually developing threats in cyberspace, which should be tended to in an all-encompassing and powerful way to secure economies and social orders. The world is changing, and computerized and physical frameworks are meeting. Frameworks that once remained solitary overseeing critical infrastructure tasks are associated with the web and sharing touchy information. This new world structure carries with it new security issues. Critical infrastructure organizations must utilize a hearty structure that can envision...
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Security Framework in Design and Implementation of a Security Infrastructure

“Technology is a Useful Servant but a Dangerous Master” -Christian Lous Lange When technology was introduced to the world, it was like a virus that continued to spread and couldn’t be stopped. Technology is compared to as magic. It has allowed users to exceed humanity according to Einstein. It awed the world with its creations, but it also created a world of monsters taking advantage of all the opportunities that it has to give. It gives people chances, but it...
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Health Care Reform: Analysis of Background, Theories and Legislation

1.0 Introduction An individual mandate is a requirement by law for certain persons to purchase or otherwise obtain a good or service, in this case, health insurance (Rand Corporation). The health care reform legislation that became law in 2010 and took effect in 2014 (The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 2013) – known officially as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or the Obamacare – requires most Americans to have a basic level of health insurance coverage. This requirement is commonly...
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Health Care Reform in the United States and Canada: Analytical Essay

The reforms initiated by the Obama administration are the result of ugly, inflammatory and misleading statements in public forums in the United States over the past year. Along with the complexity of enacting laws, it is possible that the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives can pass the Senate. The resulting ‘hybrid’ approach to health care reform has produced a conservative strategy that ignores the experience of other wealthy democracies. More importantly, given the possible changes in administrative...
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Health Care Reform in the CIS Countries: Analytical Essay

This essay will describe the development of the health sector in Gorno-Badakhshan after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Economic, social and political aspects will be also briefly described, as they directly affect the topic. Health care reform in the CIS countries, especially in the initial period, negatively affected the health status of the population. One of the main trends is a decrease in life expectancy and an increase in mortality. This situation has no precedent in world history: nowhere...
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Essay on Role of Civil Engineers in Infrastructure Development

This report provides an outline of why railway infrastructure development is an important part of urban development and the multidisciplinary nature of its design and construction process (‘Engineering the Railway Industry,’). This report also includes an overview of a life cycle assessment of railway infrastructure, focusing specifically on the steel rail component of the track bed. The life cycle assessment does not provide numerical data showing the environmental impact the component has during its lifetime, but rather an assessment of...
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Education in the Virgin Islands: Analysis of the Activity of the Department of Education

A policy is a course or guideline of activity embraced or proposed by a government, political party, or by the people of a country. Policies are made in order to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to receive help, and everyone is governed under the same rules in order to receive that help. In many cases, a policy is created after a disaster. In the case of the US Virgin Islands, several policies need to be created after the passing...
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Development and Evolution of Emergency Management: Analytical Essay

Emergency management is a science of reaction. This means that it is based on an event happening and a response being given. Whether it be a manmade disaster or threat to a natural disaster such as a hurricane, a response is warranted. Throughout history several events have taken place that helped shape emergency management and disaster response. From the early 1800s to the late 2000s, disasters like 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and Hurricane Sandy preparedness of mitigation have played a role...
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Delivery of Additional New Affordable Housing in Australia: Analytical Essay

Why has there been a rise in the proportion of social housing managed by the community housing sector, in Australia and overseas? In Australia, has this led to the provision of better landlord services and the delivery of additional new affordable housing? Introduction The development period of Australia public social housing mainly started from 1945 to 1990, while in this stage, the development in Australian social housing policy encompass a larger role for non-government housing providers. The new emphasis is...
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Definition Essay on Stakeholders Involved in Emergency Management

Stakeholder Involvement Stakeholders are individuals who are perceived to have a personal interest in the outcome of an organization. This interest motivates them to partake in and influence the development of policies within an organization (Emergency Management Stakeholders. (n.d.). Stakeholders in a disaster event would then be considered those helping the emergency relief operations, people in public offices and organizations planning for disaster relief, and first responders responding to a scene. Thus, these folks would need to be included in...
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