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A man became a legend centuries ago and now in the 21st century he is still a legend but the story of how or who made him has gone from a real Saint to an animated whimsical figure. He has been loved through the years for his acts of kindness and ability to lift people's spirits. He was a Christian Bishop who would leave simple gifts for families on doorsteps in secret. This is where the Santa Claus legend came from.” He was in real life in his time as a Bishop in Asia Minor, which is modern-day Turkey, he was known as Nicholas the wonderworker.” says Brian Handwerk from the article from St. Nicholas to Santa Claus: the surprising origins of Kris Kringle. This was because of all the good works and achievements during his time as a Bishop. Now, the legend of Santa Claus is because people continued to follow his benevolent nature using the name, which stemmed from His days of giving and spreading goodness and cheer.

This wonderworker was “believed to be born sometime around 280 A.D in Patara.” says the history editors from the article Santa Claus. The name St. Nicholas has made its way around but with a few changes to the name. “The name Santa Claus evolved from Nick’s Dutch nickname, Sinter Klaas, a shortened form of Sint Nikolaas (Dutch for Saint Nicholas.)” Says the history article. For years and years, this guy has been a light of gifts for children and also a legend throughout history. The name Santa Claus became a jolly and bright man because of a man named St. Nicholas.

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Although Santa Claus is supposed to be made the name actually came from a real-life person. Kids all over the world believe in Santa Claus but most people don’t know where the name came from that’s why it’s so important to express later in life where the name Santa Claus came from. Now today “about 85% of young kids in the U.S. believe in Santa.” Said Jacqueline Howard in the article How many kids still believe in Santa? Through the years this make-believe character has brought joy to kids and to think that one man came to bring this name to the world. St. Nicholas comes around but not as often as Santa. Most people formally know him as Santa Claus.

Santa Claus is just one of the magical characters that we believe to be real as children. You don’t just have Santa Claus you have the Easter Bunny the tooth fairy and more. Yet I believe Santa Claus is the most famous, especially around December. He became part of Christmas years later when he got the nickname Santa Claus. St. Nicholas got unpopular for a moment in the making. Though “St. Nicholas became popular again in the Victorian era when writers, poets, and artists rediscovered the old stories.” Said the article St. Nicholas, Santa Claus & Father Christmas. It took many years to perfect the stories.

Through many years st. Nicholas has been a good Bishop but after so many years his life turned into a fairy tale in a way. He has brought joy to people all over the world because of his kind acts. He became a legend to children and even grown-ups. In years to come he will still be around and hopefully, people will know the story of a true story. That’s how Santa Claus and St. Nicholas came to be one.

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