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This paper is best represented by Thanksgiving due to the time and dedication put into it. Thanksgiving symbolizes family and the togetherness of everyone. My Dad’s house is all about unity and sharing an unbreakable bond with the people you share it with. With this being said, everyone in the ...

class was quick to help anyone in need when they had a question about the assignment or were stuck. Time is valuable in this holiday in the preparation and cooking of the main courses and desserts. Every second counted in the making of this essay, down to the last couple of minutes before turning it in. Anxiety and fear also filled my head on the chance of failing, similar to the feeling of burning the only turkey or pie in the oven.

The structure of the paragraphs was difficult for me while writing this essay. This road bump is similar to deciding which foods will take the longest to cook and which foods will take the shortest to cook. I struggled mostly with the storyline as well as the unusable verbs. Not knowing where to start and when to end a paragraph would make a devastating essay, as well as an unforgiving Thanksgiving with burnt and undercooked food. Besides all negatives, some parts I excelled in were visual details and surrounding senses. Having these things right was like perfectly seasoning the turkey, making everyone is satisfied in the end. Like the whipped cream to a pumpkin pie, my essay was brought together by them.

Thanksgiving is spent with family and close friends. For this essay, I had help from my former classmates as well as family. For a peer review, I was able to get into groups to correct and edit my essay. Cooking for Thanksgiving is a process just like creating an essay. You have to make sure you follow to rubric just like a recipe to make sure the product turns out correct.

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Thanksgiving as My Favorite Holiday: Opinion Essay

The last Thursday of every November is always one of the best days of the year. Not having to worry about buying others gifts and just remembering what we are supposed to be thankful for, are a few reasons why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Ever since I was a kid fondest memories have taken place on this day. The main reason this is my favorite holiday definitely has to be the food that is provided, spending time with family,...
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Reasons to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is an annual holiday in the United States and Canada but is also celebrated in other parts of the world. Thanksgiving is celebrated to honor the harvest and other blessings of the past year. It all started when a ship called the Mayflower left England, hoping to find another place to start their lives, where they could practice their religion. After a long, harsh trip the Pilgrims finally reached Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Throughout the first brutal winter, most...
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Meaning And Importance Of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has its origins. According to a rumor, the Wampanoag tribe observed that the British settlers (Pilgrims) who first set foot on the American continent in Plymouth in 1621 had not yet become accustomed to the geography of the region and found that they were struggling with hunger. The tribe felt pitiful for the new settlers and shared their prey and crops with helpfulness and hospitality. This celebration, which emerged from the peaceful convergence of the two communities, formed the...
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Thanksgiving Essay

America has always carried the desire to ignore its past and live in its view of itself as a melting pot. America wants us all to forgive and forget the past to be one people. How can we forgive the past if this country won’t even acknowledge its true sins instead of the cookie-cutter version it feeds its people? How can we forget the past when our present injustices and state of living stem from what happened in the past?...
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My Attitude to Thanksgiving: Reflective Essay

I love Thanksgiving. I like the eating part, don’t get me wrong. But I love the preparation part. For the past couple of years, I’ve missed it though. As a chaplain, I worked on Thanksgiving, strolling floor to floor blessing and sharing meals with nurses and doctors, and patients in the Atlanta hospitals I worked in. And mid-day, each thanksgiving, my wife Karen came, bags of dishes in hand, having spent the day cooking up a beautiful meal. I smirked...
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Essence of Thanksgiving Day: Descriptive Essay

Thanksgiving is one of the most anticipated and celebrated holidays in the United States. It is a time when family and friends come together as one and give thanks. However, Thanksgiving can be a complex occasion due to the planning, preparing, and cooking of the holiday dinner. Despite these challenges, everyone can work together to make the dinner go smoothly. Also, if done right, these components call help to create an exciting and successful Thanksgiving dinner. When planning a Thanksgiving...
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Essay on Thanksgiving Break

While I am in a Psychology class I learn about many psychological concepts, but it is neat to be able to witness them outside of school. Over Thanksgiving break, I saw several psychological concepts being lived out right in front of me. I never realized how many times a day these concepts are used until now. The psychological concepts that I saw being used were hindsight bias, lack of conservation, authority, and positive reinforcement. Every Thanksgiving the Dallas Cowboys football...
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Should Thanksgiving be Celebrated?

Every year on the fourth Thursday of November, millions of families in the United States reunite to celebrate Thanksgiving and reflect on the good things in life. On this day, people usually have a big feast with turkey as the star-meal, besides other foods such as mashed potatoes and pumpkin pies. And, besides spending some time with their relatives and eating, it is also common to watch football. Even though this holiday may seem innocent and unoffensive, more and more...
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How Black Friday Sales On Thanksgiving Affect The Economy

Black Friday shopping is a Thanksgiving tradition for most Americans.In 2017, more than two-thirds of American adults shopped over Thanksgiving weekend, either in stores or online.But do you know how the black Friday tradition started? In the early days, Thanksgiving became the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season in the decades after President Abraham Lincoln made it an official holiday in 1863.Then, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, various department stores began sponsoring Thanksgiving parades, such as...
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Peculiarities Of A Thanksgiving Day Celebration

The logical definition of culture in The Cambridge Dictionary is “The distinctive customs, achievements, products, outlook, etc., of a society or group; the way of life of a society or group” (p568). From this definition it is possible to understand that culture is directly connected with people’s religion, food, clothes, lifestyles, language, music, traditions etc.… United States is considered as nation of immigrants, therefore, when immigrants come into the United States, they bring their own celebrations, foods, traditions and clothing...
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The Story Of Thanksgiving In American Popular Culture

The annual American holiday celebrating the Autumn harvest in the United States is modeled on the three-day harvest feast shared by the Pilgrims of Plymouth and the Wampanoag Indians in 1621 in Plymouth. Thanksgiving Day was the first holiday celebrated in America, (Hilstrom 21) and is today a federal holiday celebrated annually on the fourth Thursday of November. The meaning and the means of celebrating Thanksgiving has changed from generation to generation throughout history. From the time of Thanksgiving as...
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Reasons of Popularity of Thanksgiving among Americans

One of the reasons that Thanksgiving is highly anticipated among Americans all across the United States is that it is a holiday where Americans have the opportunity to stuff themselves with a wide variety of food items that are not commonly consumed. Once a year, Americans take the opportunity to indulge in a wide variety of uncommon delectables, including stuffing, cranberry sauce, and turkey. Turkey has been a staple in Thanksgiving dinners across the country for so long that meat...
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My Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition: Reflective Essay

There are several rituals and practices in our family that play a really significant role in shaping our beliefs. On Thanksgiving, I have several lovely memories of my family gatherings and all the delicious entrées that my relatives would cook. Food has so much importance in my family, it’s the bond that has kept us together for so many years even decades before I was born. It’s as if we display ourselves in our dish when we prepare a meal....
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