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A cultural ambassador is a representative of a culture who serves as a connecting link and a channel of communication between two different countries, consequently enhancing intercultural communication and mutual understanding. A good cultural ambassador not only informs of what exists in their own culture but also conveys the profound meanings hidden within the culture and what they mean to the people in this culture. These deeper symbols and values are what built the culture and what has continued to influence that culture from one generation to another.

If I were to attend an international festival and be asked to share my culture, I would draw from the most important holiday of my culture: Chinese New Year. Holidays are celebrated by every culture and are a valuable tool to understand and get a quick glimpse of people and their traditions and ways of life. The following would be how I would introduce my culture:

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Chinese New Year is a significant holiday for Chinese people, just as important as Christmas is for Americans. It not only symbolizes a cherished time for families to reunite but also represents a new start and a time to sweep away the bad luck that happened in the past.

Chinese people have many traditions to follow during Chinese New Year, and lots of them also come with some auspicious meanings that make Chinese people feel hopeful about the new start of the year. One of the examples is “春聯”, the red lucky posters with calligraphy that we put up around Chinese New Year. People attach some “春聯” to the wall to symbolize ringing out the old year and ringing in the new. One of the most commonly used characters is “春”, which literally means “spring”, but which symbolically means hope and optimism for the new year. Another is “恭喜發財”, which means wishing you prosperity and wealth. An interesting detail to note is that people traditionally attach the word “春” upside down to symbolize “春到”, which means the spring has arrived because the character for “upside down” in Chinese sounds the same as the character for 'arrival.'

'春聯' carries the wish of those who put them up, from which we can learn that Chinese people often place their hope in a symbol to grant them good luck. Even on the surface, there is a lot to explore about Chinese New Year traditions; however, if one can look into them deeply, the profound meanings hidden in their background are what people adhere to and what reveal the hopes that Chinese people have in their hearts for life.

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