Birthday And New Year

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Birthday and New Year. On these two occasions it seems as if the head has accidentally hit the wall of time. Because both the occasions sound the alarm of one year and pass of life. In the era when we grew up, we were able to see someone in the movies while celebrating one's birthday. Because then there were very few such parents who knew the exact date of birth of their children.

There was no compulsion to get a birth certificate then. I think the trend of capitalizing on both the birthday and the new year coincided with the increasing influence of materiality in the 80s. On the first of January, ie the beginning of the new year, you have to do something different, Its tune started riding even at the lower levels of society. With this, people of the general class also started celebrating their children's birth in a grand manner. Birthday started making headlines as the influence of money and glamour in politics increased.

In the world of glamour, then superstar Rajesh Khanna heard that in his golden days, flowers used to arrive in his bungalow on trucks on his birthday, But when his stars went into the dark in the cycle, there was no one to remember his birthday. At the same time, on the birth day of big politicians in politics, the trend of weighing them with some sweets or coins started. Which later started taking the form of colorful and grand celebrations. From Jayalalithaa to the Mayawati's birthday, the royal ceremony was overshadowed in the media for several days.

But even politicians like Mulayam Singh Yadav of socialist background will celebrate their birth day ceremonially like kings - maharajas, Nobody had even imagined this. The question arises as to why this trend is increasing among politicians under which they are not avoiding bringing their personal moments in the light of public glare. Does he not worry that his lifestyle like Raja - Maharaja can tarnish his image in public. It seems that politicians who are always skeptical about the future would be ready to convert their birth day into a grand ceremony just for weighing their strength and fans.

Otherwise the politicians who have drunk the water of the ghats are not so foolish as to keep committing such a suicide mistake. Of course, his spoons must have been behind changing such occasions into royal ceremonies. Those who do not allow any opportunity to express their allegiance to their beloved politician around the power center on one pretext. Even if the opportunity comes, Champo is the only one who leads from the thin lane Appear in In West Bengal, being a communist had taken the form of fashion in the era of leftists who ruled continuously for 34 years.

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But today the opposite is true. Other states of the country also have the same situation. Where does Lalu Prasad Yadav's family program now get the headlines? Nobody is even concerned with how Lalu, who has been away from power, now organizes the routine. Nowadays a strange practice has started in the society, that is to celebrate birthday etc. by giving wishes at 12 o'clock at night. But do you know Hindu scripture considers it wrong. Today we are going to tell you how much evil can be done by actually doing this.

Nowadays, whether someone's birthday, anniversary or any other occasion, cutting the cake at 12 o'clock at night has become the latest fashion. People are excited about whether to cut the cake at twelve o'clock at night or to celebrate the birthday of friends, only at twelve o'clock at night. But actually celebrating birthday or anniversary according to English date is not auspicious for anyone. There are some reasons behind this, which are directly related to our scriptures.

It is often seen that people celebrate their birthday at 12 o'clock i.e. Nishith Kaal (phantom period). Nishith kaal is the time in the night which is usually between 12 pm and 3 pm. The common people call it midnight or midnight. According to scripture, this time is the period of invisible forces, ghosts and vampires. During this time, this power becomes extremely strong.

Where we live there are many such powers, which are not visible to us but often adversely affect us due to which our life gets disturbed and we become directionless. Alcohol and meat are often used at birthday parties. In such a situation, by cutting cake, consuming liquor and meat in the phantom, invisible powers decrease the age and fortune of a person and bad luck knocks at his door. Except a few days of the year such as Deepavali, 4 Navaratri, Janmashtami and Shivaratri, Nishith Kaal gives auspicious effect by becoming Mahanishith Kaal while at other times it gives a bad effect.

According to the scriptures, the good wishes given at night give adverse results, according to Hindu scriptures, the day begins with the sunrise and this is also the time for the tenacity of sages and sages.

Therefore, the atmosphere in this art is pure and devoid of negativity. In such a situation, according to the scriptures, a person should wish a birthday only after sunrise because the quantity of raja and tama particles in the atmosphere is excessive during the night and the greetings or wishes given at that time become counterproductive rather than fruitful.

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