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The Peculiarities Of Traditional Chinese Art

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Chinese culture has been long considered as one of the most popular and oldest in the world. As we know one of the most popular art in Chinese culture is the melodious and pleasant folk music. The various Chinese culture also includes many different kinds of art such as Beijing Opera, Calligraphy and Traditional Chinese Painting. In general, in China there are eight categories of tools depending on the materials silk, bamboo, wood, metal, a rock, gourd, leather, earth (clay).

Firstly, I would like to tell you about Chinese folk. Among modern Chinese folk instruments, wind, bow-string, plucked-string and percussion musical instruments. Wind instruments - xiao, flute and pipe - sona, stringed strings - erhu, jinhu and banhu, plucked strings - guzhen, guqin, pipa, and drums - gongs and drums. A lot of outstanding works were lost and some famous ones are 'The Ambush on All Sides”, 'Spring Snow ', 'Hundred Birds Worshipping the Phoenix '.

Secondly, I would like to talk about Chinese Opera which Chinese people greatly appreciate the whole culture for its originality. As we know, Beijing Opera is very famous and popular in China with 200 years of history. There are more than 360 types of Chinese operas, with Beijing Opera, Huangmei Opera, Yue Opera and Yu Opera considered the four most famous.

The Beijing Opera is considered the quintessential Chinese performance art. It originated in Beijing but has spread all around China to become a symbol of Chinese culture. Combining singing, dancing, dialogue and martial arts, it has five main types of characters: Sheng, Dan, Jing, Mo and Chou. These refer to male characters, female characters, forceful characters, middle-aged male characters and comedic figures respectively. Because the Beijing Opera was originally a feature of the imperial palace, it had stricter requirements for the performance, costumes, makeup and songs. First is Beijing Opera than Yu Opera.

The Yu Opera originated in Henan Province and is the most widely performed type of local opera in China, having 167 professional troupes around the country as of 2006. The Yu Opera is characterized by its sonorous tone, cadence and intonation. It uses a wide variety of traditional Chinese instruments including fifes, silk strings and the Suona, which resembles a small trumpet. The stage display is simple and all the performers usually wear thick makeup.

The third one is Yue Opera, from the southern coastal areas of China, is lyrical and centers around singing. Usual themes include gifted scholars and beautiful ladies, and the love story The Butterfly Lovers is well-known example. During its development, the Yue Opera has undergone a historical change from having mainly male performers to mostly female performers, making it a distinctive feature of Yue Opera that even its male roles are performed by actresses.

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The fourth one is Huangmei Opera, originates from Huangmei, Hubei, and is a very lively form of opera that tells the life stories of ordinary people. Legend says that because Huangmei is located on the northern bank of the Yangtze River, it was frequently struck by natural disasters, especially floods. Its residents were forced to learn Huangmei Opera to beg in other places, which promoted the spread of this folk art. The most famous piece of Huangmei Opera is The Goddess Marriage.

Few people know that in ancient China they paid great attention to calligraphy since it was very important for candidates who wanted to pass the imperial exam. Chinese scripts are generally divided into five categories: the seal script (zhuan), the official script (Li), the regular script (kai), the cursive hand (cao) and the running hand (xing). Calligraphy come from drawings that began to simplify over time. Chinese calligraphy is a philosophy that helps to improve the shape and character of human.

In addition to Chinese calligraphy, the most extraordinary part in Chinese culture is Chinese Characters. The Chinese Characters is one of the most interesting, mysterious and amazing forms of writing in the world. Each character is a unique drawing that has its own individual origin, meaning and history.

During the development of civilization, writing itself developed. The hieroglyph was the beginning of such a form of art as calligraphy, where everyone can feel like a creator and artist who draws a hieroglyph to his taste and in his own unique style. Along with this, the hieroglyph is written according to clear and strict rules, which should never be violated such as parts of the hieroglyph should be prescribed only from left to right and from top to bottom, the hieroglyph should be placed in a certain square size, first all horizontal features are written, and only then vertical and many other nuances that must be known and taken into account when writing each hieroglyph.

Chinese painting can be classified into three types: figure painting, landscape painting and flowers and birds painting. Figure painting came into maturity as early as The Warring States Period. Landscape painting, as the name indicates. It first appeared in the Qin Dinasty.

Chinese painting as a form of fine art has its own unique traditions and history. It is believed that the origin of Chinese painting dates back to the period of Zhang Guo ('Fighting kingdoms'). Chinese painting is based on a linear pattern. This feature is directly related to traditional Chinese calligraphy. Widely known paintings of birds and flowers on China, which are one of the most traditional designs in Chinese culture and philosophy .This technique of painting birds evoked during the Song Dynasty. In order to fully understand the depth and variety of methods of realistic images, artists conducted a thorough study of birds.

In conclusion, We can see how much Chinese culture has in itself, for a long time it has kept traditions and culture of their people, in order to understand it, you need to explore its rich meaning that carries the ancient history of not only China itself, but almost the whole world.

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