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Essay on My Chinese Heritage

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There are some great things about my Chinese heritage. However, there are some negative aspects that also give me some negative feelings about my culture.

The two positive factors include our strong work ethic and the teamwork aspect we have as Chinese. Part of what I have learned from my heritage is that one has to work hard. I have a strong capacity to perform a lot of work. I believe as long as I want excellent grades, I have to work for it. That ideology has been installed in me ever since I was young. We are not lazy and always strive to be self-disciplined. A strong work ethic, together with an understanding of the importance of learning, ensures I keep my head high. That is the first decisive factor that relates to my culture. The second positive factor is the teamwork aspect. As Chinese, our culture dictates that we should always focus on progressing as a team, not as individuals. I believe in a system where the needs of a group or a team are more essential than that of one person. Family is necessary compared to anything else. I believe working as a team always assures me that we are more likely to go further when compared to when working alone. That culture of showing concern for my neighbor is among the decisive factors which I associate with my heritage. We always show interest in the elderly as part of showing interest in our neighbors and working as a team. Both the strong and weak should work together.

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Speaking of the negative aspects of my Chinese heritage, they include a lower emotional reaction and minimized ideologies by people. The suppressed emotional reaction we showcase makes us offer an evaluation first before giving a response to an individual. When growing up, our culture and heritage did not allow us to showcase cases of emotional attachment to something or someone. All one had to do is take concern and care for your neighbor and always work as a team. When it comes to the moving part, were emotionally suppressed. We had to analyze the response I gave before making them. Emotion is a form of weakness, according to my heritage. However, the concept is soon shifting. And the second negative factor is the ideologies in our heritage. Before the revolution, there were many religions, such as Taoism and Buddhism. These religions formed the basis of the doctrines we had, and they created social order. However, after the revolution, most of these religions were prohibited. That created a culture shock since people did not know what to believe, and public behavior shifted from that point. The criticism aspect allowed people to become atheists. The practice is vivid today, and the aftermath of such action is exhibited by some people.

Although the Chinese culture has presented both positive and negative aspects, I believe our good heritage culture overweighs the negative ones. That is what makes me and China great as a nation.

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