Personal Narrative Essay on Cultural Misunderstanding

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In my point of view, cultural misunderstanding is a situation that everyone can face, it can be the worst embarrassing situation that can happen in whatever moment of our lives. It occurs when someone does something that is totally normal to do his/her culture, but it is not good for others. These mistakes might cause fights, probably getting fired from a job, or problems in the family So, one thing is clear we must be careful of cultural misunderstandings to prevent difficulties.

It can happen both ways, accidentally, someone may hurt the thoughts and sometimes maybe we will insult someone terribly. In either case, human beings must comprehend that cultural differences will cause communication problems, and it is important to be tolerant, open-minded, and keep a sense of humor instead of being aggressive. People should always respond gently with kindness, do not believe that others offended you intentionally.

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It is always safer to explore all possible misunderstandings that might take place in the country you select from education, job, and holidays, I believe that the problem is that we interpret others’ behaviors, values, and beliefs through our own culture. To try to change this situation, it is important to learn as much as we can about the other culture. This means not only knowing the habits, behaviors, and beliefs of different cultures but also trying to comprehend what is the reason people perform these traditions and show these behaviors.

In my opinion, we must know that we meet all types of people from many different cultures, it is common sense that we must learn or adapt from others’ cultures and not judge the book by its cover. For example, When I met my nephew I was really happy, but It was strange because he is from Spain, he is very serious, very formal and direct, but my sister explained to me that he prefers to speak in English because actually, he lives in London so for him is too difficult to express in Spanish and in some cases he expresses so rude, in addition, I think misunderstanding can happen in the same country, for example, I am not so social, I need to know someone to have a conversation, but in some cases, it causes problems, because when I go to my work only I say good morning, people believe that I serious and I do not want to speak or greet, for my point of view to greet to everyone means education but other have a kiss, a hug or have a conversation, and they believe that I have a bad behavior

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