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In my hometown life of more than ten years, Ju culture has permeated my life from all aspects. Ju culture, which has an awfully long history and has lasted for thousands of years, has influenced and shaped generations of people in my hometown. There is no doubt that my parents and almost all other elders are also the inheritors of Ju culture, and they have unconsciously carved Ju culture into my genes. To be an inheritor of Ju culture is my cultural identity, which affects my daily etiquette, the way of communication, and the choice of daily activities.

Firstly, Ju culture shapes my etiquette in daily life and makes me reflect on our unique etiquette all the time. When I was an ignorant child, my family told me one myth after another about etiquette prevailing in our local area, sowing the seeds of etiquette for me when I was young. Then as I grew older, I learned the popular historical stories about etiquette in the bright history of Ju City, which also made me yearn for etiquette. Compared with words and deeds, what has a more profound influence on me is the example teaching of the individuals around me. They have deeply rooted the etiquette of Ju culture in my heart with their practical life. For example, expressing gratitude to other people, as one of our most basic politeness, is my consistent etiquette from childhood to adulthood. Moreover, as a shy child in the past time, having to say hello to the people I know was my most fearful etiquette, but I must insist on it. In addition, it is required that the elders should be in order at any time and on any occasion. This is the etiquette that I do not need others to emphasize.

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Besides, Ju culture also has determined the way I interact with others to a great extent, which makes me pleasure to help others and think about others. In my hometown, my culture not only emphasizes the most significant etiquette issues, especially in the aspect of family relations, but also the communication methods for other people who make daily intercourse. It is like that neighborhood is a relationship that is particularly emphasized in my cultural cognition. Since I was a child, I heard the saying that distant relatives were not as good as neighbors. People around me stressed it over and over again. I also had to know how my elders dealt with neighborhood relations and community relations and learned how to help others and think for others. When I was a kid, because my parents were busy working, I spent most of my time in my grandmother's house. Their community had a large number of elderly people of similar ages. Therefore, they got along with each other like brothers and sisters. When a family encountered problems, all people helped each other, which constituted one of the warmest memories of my childhood. Our community also had good family relations. We had some community parties and activities. What impressed me most is that my parents considered it for others and even welcomed neighbors to my garden for appreciation and playing. This had a profound impact on my communication with people. In my college life, I treat my roommates as relatives, and I am ready to help them and think about problems from their perspective. And that's why I always put myself in the social and daily activities of our dormitories, and I always aspire to build a deeper, family-like friendship with them than ordinary friends. In fact, our roommates are more closely related than several dormitories. Mutual helping and mutual understanding have become our habit.

What is more, as an inheritor of Ju culture, my cultural identity plays a significant role in the selection of daily activities. My cultural identity makes me attach great importance to whether I create value for others in daily life, or whether I have made others' life add new color and warmth. I remember clearly that in my 7-year-old, 2008, a huge earthquake occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province, China. Local people in my hometown exhausted their best efforts to help the people affected by the disaster. Ten rural villagers even drove more than 3000 kilometers in agricultural tricycles to the disaster area for rescue. These examples of Ju culture were deeply rooted in my heart, so I was determined to devote my strength to the public. In middle school age, I would spend time in the holidays visiting the groups in need of help and care and sending them warmth and joy. Then, after I entered college school, when I have free weekend time, I don't choose to spend like most college students through entertainment activities like shopping and playing games, but instead, I participate in volunteer activities, helping others through my efforts. What influences me most is that I have participated in the Charity 100 activity for two consecutive years since my freshman year as a college student. It is an activity for a volunteer to donate warmth and love to children in remote and poor mountainous areas of China through fund-raising. I also met a large number of friends with the same ideals in the process. This is caused by the education and edification of Ju culture I received since I was a child. In the future, I hope I can carry out more meaningful daily activities on the premise of the cultural identity of the inheritors of Ju culture.

In a word, as a member of the inheritor of Ju culture, Ju culture has deeply influenced me in my growth process, and my behavior is largely determined by the subtle influence of Ju culture. The etiquette I follow in my life, the way I communicate with others, and the daily activities I choose are all influenced by etiquette, helping others, and being considerate that the Ju culture I received from childhood emphasizes. This kind of cultural identity has already become an integral part of my life. In the long days to come, it will continue to accompany me and blend with other cultures I accept to make my life bear more fruitful results.

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