Food Traditions On Chinese New Year

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Here is all the list of foods that you should or should not eat During Chinese new year that I learned a lot from this article, Like you guys should make this your Chinese New Year food bible right out.

Well, hopefully, it helps you, and if it's too late, I'm sorry that Musharraf has fallen on you. I'm just kidding the guy, but yeah, some things have to be careful.

Chinese new year good luck

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year. Now, you know that Chinese people attach great importance to food. Chinese people think that food is an important part of Chinese traditional culture. Every year during the celebration of the New Year, they always hope that certain foods will appear on the table. Avoid food completely. This is a list of some foods you should or should not eat during the Lunar New Year.


Make sure to eat some noodles in the new year and also noodles symbolize longevity But remember never cut them where else you will be cutting your longevity like who will want that also remember that some of these noodles Especially homemade ones could long so breathe out before you start slurping


Eat oranges if you want good luck oranges or tangerines are often called Jin Zhi or Golden oranges or Golden tangerines? So Chinese believe oranges will bring Fortune in the New Year also in Chinese the Ju and Ju Zhi sounds like Ji or Ji li which means good luck


Are You Well Afraid of Chicken Hands Join the Club But They Are Important The chickens are born together and represent newborns, which is a sign of family and can also signify unity and prosperity. , Though you must have the whole chicken at any time. Gatherings and special holidays and do not forget that the head and the feet should be left to represent unity.


Chinese love pomegranates because of all the seeds bundled together It symbolizes unity and is a favorite during the New year You should also eat those fruits on your wedding day because pomegranates have a lot of seeds or in Chinese Zhi Which also means child so you know eat a pomegranate?

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Maybe you will soon be blessed with the child or zao sheng GUI zi as we say in Chinese But not every pomegranate seed will turn into a child because that would be just a lot of kids Sunflower and melon seeds are traditionally eaten as they are of course called seeds or Zhi and like the pomegranate it symbolizes fertility And having many children.


Nian Gao or sometimes known as Chinese pudding is a must-have Nian Gao which translates to sticky cake also sounds the same as Nian Gao or year high meaning a more prosperous New Year.


This is a must to celebrate New Year's as dumplings are said to be filled with luck and their shape look like years and also Chinese silver ingots I will explain why the year reference is important in my origins of the dumpling article so read for that.


It is customary that the Chinese language for fish is a word for fish that makes you think plenty of sugar, which is also sugar, which also saves a portion of the fish later which will ensure abundance for their future. Makes. The share of fish is considered the best part of the fish by many Chinese.


Egg rolls or spring rolls are eaten during the new year because after they're fried they look like little bars of gold Whatever you do. Do not serve white foods to celebrate the New Year White foods are things like tofu This is because Chinese symbolizes the color white with death.


Do you not eat salmon on special occasions? Especially in the new year, because in the past days, the squid was called “you” in China, workers had to go out to work, often carrying personal belongings in blankets, when they were fired, they will roll up the blanket and leave at that time.

There is a very popular dish called 'fried squid'. Or, the squid will curl when cooking with a pen, just like a worker rolls up a blanket. Workers, were fired. So if you think your boss just tells you, he will take you to the squid.

Maybe this is not what he meant. Guys, Chinese parents always say that you are eating the fisheye you want to eat, so your eyes will become brighter and better. If you want, you can eat a chicken brain or any other brain and you will become smarter.

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