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Chinese New Year: Dishes For Celebration

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On today’s China uncensored happy year of the hi welcome to China uncensored well later this week marks the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year this will be the year of the Rat depending on which Chinese restaurant the menu you’re looking at you.

See the Chinese word Yong could mean any of those three animals there are 12 zodiac animals and the Rat is one considered to be the Intelligent with high thinking faculty, but conservative in practice people born in this year.

Are supposed to be docile and weak who will follow a strong leader without question yeah oh sorry what guess I was just gathering wool for a moment there in some cases Chinese couples will rather wait until next year to have a kid.

Chinese New Year Fish

The sorry child because of the fear of the nature of the year will influence the child what’s that Shelley according to this article the Rat was originally associated with compassion and filial piety the new year also marks the biggest human migration in the world.

Russia has Chinese everywhere returned home to their families China says this year 2.8 a billion trips will be made it can get a little hectic I thought this year we could all celebrate together by eating some of these traditional Chinese foods.

For the new year but first I want to Announce the second annual audience The competition gala is an amazing Event thing you asked for You prepared your best Rat now get drawing you mindless Rat so here are my top eight things to eat during the Chinese New Year.


Fish every year have fish granted as we learned in my recent episode on the pollution about a third of all fish species in the Yellow River have gone extinct so this might be Chris clean hard to do but you want to have fish that’s because the Chinese The word for fish sounds the same Every word for extra or abundance Every year there are fish.

Dumpling Chinese New Year


Dumplings An important part of almost every new year Dinner in North China but you are Want to make the right dipping sauce Throw them in when you need to hurry And 20 days of soap garlic and vinegar Until the garlic turns green Forget about doing that is not a problem Take out your dumplings and then throw away On the floor, you have wasted a new year Very high.

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Chinese New Year Vegetable Dishes

More Puns

More Puns sorry come are illegal in China so not sure if this New Year’s tradition applies in at least it shouldn’t if you’re being a good little rat otherwise eat some young guy a glutinous rice cake nian Gao sounds like Not a high year is not like that The coming year will be as high as ever Succeeded by this role.

This is the top role of Yin Gao Luckily you will usually see this character The houses were hung upside down and A restaurant because this is another punishment Upside down – Destiny’s food owes down Luckily.

You have these sweet sticky Small rice balls are often packed together The black sesame paste is high in this dish Popular in South China and generally Eaten up during the Lantern Fair 15 New year’s day.


long noodles no that’s not a special name it’s just literally long noodles represent along with life so the longer the noodle the longer the life that’s why I always start my a day with a cup of noodle chest hurts so much.


Pomelo if you haven’t seen one before Comella is a massive citrus fruit a kind of sweeter milder grapefruit here’s a comparison to give you an idea of how big they’re many families just leave these out for the good smell they give off.

A tray up together Me’s get invited to someone’s new year party better not show up empty-handed that’s why Chinese supermarkets sell these trays of togetherness.

Desserts for the Chinese Dinner Party

I suspect it’s like a Chinese version of a fruitcake you’ll get a lot and never eat them each tray has eight compartments because eight is a lucky number in Chinese and hence eight dishes you should eat for the Chinese New Year.

Three goats bring good fortune on the new year’s people wish each other Sani on Chi tie which means with the beginning of spring comes to the good fortune. But since it’s the year of the Yong this a dish made from goat cabbage radish green onion ginger and salt will be served it’s not very fortunate dish. The goats what are your favorite Chinese New Year’s dishes leave your comments and give us your feedback.

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