Impact of Rock Music on Identity Development

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Rock music and its influences on the development of identity and social interactions have been closely linked throughout the findings of this Personal Interest Project, and there have been a number of main points uncovered. I have learned that music plays an important role in adolescent socialization and development and that the environment that a person has grown up in does not necessarily make this role any more or less important. The messages and abilities of rock music conveyed to the audience have changed over time, but the effects and utilisations of these messages have remained the same in that they have been used as methods to challenge and evolve the adolescent’s macro world as they develop. This has been determined through the evidence concluded from the focus group, interviews, and participant observation, where all respondents of all ages seemed to strongly believe that rock music played a major developmental role in changing their lives.

The methodologies used were very effective in providing me with this information, with a great deal of qualitative data gathered to synthesize ideas on the topic. The most important ones were the content analysis, the focus group, and the participant observation. They worked well because of the amount of information I was able to uncover through them, and because there were people from all ages and backgrounds contributing to the topic. However, in hindsight, it may have been helpful to include a survey to gather some more quantitative data, so correlations could be more easily expressed than they were in words through more tables/graphs. If I could undertake the PIP again, a number of changes would be carried out. I would make would be to collect newspaper articles over time to show a media perspective of the changing opinions of musical influence, and to complete surveys to gain more quantitative data through my PIP other than just content analysis which focused on lyrical references included in songs.

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The research and compilation of all the data to complete my Personal Interest Project on the effects and influences of rock music on an adolescent's identity and socialization has been a truly eye-opening experience. It has helped me to better understand and describe the way that music has evolved in the messages it conveys over time, and how the music people listen to actually changes the person that they are. The completion of this has empowered me to understand my own personal world a lot better and to finally grasp just why music has played such an integral role in my life, through therapy and release. As a result of the hard work in obtaining data from all my methodologies, it has also helped me to become a more efficient researcher, and the evaluation of my PIP throughout the year has enabled me to identify my weaknesses in hope that I can try and become a better person, and a more socio-culturally literate member of society.

By synthesizing perceptions of adolescent development due to rock music from a variety of cultural and theoretical perspectives, my PIP has evolved into a major work that manifests the culmination of skill not only as an editor of my own work but as a person capable of communicating research findings with powerful social and cultural erudition. This has definitely been crowned as one of the most demanding challenges I have ever undertaken in my life, but it has also been one of the most enlightening. Was I up to the task that the PIP presented? I sure think so.

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