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‘Citizen Kane’ begins with a three-minute stretch of dark and foggy silence with a low song before its disruptive by the word ‘Rosebud’ said by Charles Kane, played and directed by Orson Welles. The movie opens with a life-changing picture of a far off, haze covered castle on a slope. It's an exemplary gothic shot and goes far towards building...
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The film, movie, cinema, motion picture, or moving picture has been entertaining audiences for over one hundred plus years. They have come a long way since the Golden Age of movies. Early on movies such as ‘Citizen Kane’, ‘Casablanca’, and ‘The Best Years of Our Lives’ broke and set new ideas for film-making, casting and directing. Their production made new...
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‘Citizen Kane’ was a thematic film, based on the life and legacy of Charles Foster Kane a powerful man who owned and control journalism. He owned the biggest newspaper company during the beginning time of World War I. An era that was controlled by ‘yellow journalism’ and Kane being the biggest one of all. The movie starts with Citizen Kane...
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The film ‘Citizen Kane’, directed by Orson Welles, revolves around the life and identity of the character, Charles Foster Kane. Welles pointed out, “We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through love and friendship can we create the illusion that we’re not alone”. Welles explores this notion through the character study of Kane. In the original trailer...
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Introduction to 'Citizen Kane' and Its Cinematic Significance The evolution of film is a slow process, where usually, a work will break a record, every now and then, and act as a milestone for the progress of cinema and the development of its complexity. Each spark of ingenuity, and experimentation pushes the form a little further, and occasionally, a film...
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A magnificent mansion, a remarkable 'Rosebud' and a fragmented crystal ball opened the heavy curtain of ‘Citizen Kane’. ‘Rosebud’, such a beautiful but plain word, is associated with the death of a famous newspaper tycoon. In the whole film, it becomes the cause of the story, but it is like a kite with a broken thread, instead of linking up...

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