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‘Casablanca’ can be greatly contrasted to ‘Apocalypse Now’ to highlight how different the creative control was from the ‘Golden Age’ of Hollywood and ‘New Hollywood’ films. One clear difference between these two films is that ‘Casablanca’ was produced by Warner Brothers, whilst in ‘Apocalypse Now’ the director was also the producer of the film, therefore emphasizing how the director was the most important influence on ‘Apocalypse Now’. ‘Casablanca’ was directed by Michael Curtiz with Warner Brothers. It is a Hollywood...
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A variety of movies have plot twists that no one could even imagine. For example, in ‘The Dark Knight’, Batman was faced against a serial killer/psychopath named ‘The Joker’ (he was the only enemy throughout the movie so far) and towards the climax of the film, the Joker had his goons kidnapped Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes, put them in two different buildings and had Batman and the police officers go to one of the buildings. However, only one person...
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Speaking about the political representation of Europe in the movie, it should be noted that the action of the film unfolds during the modern World War II. During World War II many Europeans fled from the Fascists controlled continents seeking refuge in America and around the world. Casablanca acts as one of them. A Nazi major arrives here and tries to detain a Czechoslovakian leader. This movie is an intense and moving political thinker which revolves under various philosophical and...
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On the morality level, the cult film ‘Casablanca’ seemed like it was doomed from the beginning. A bar, Rick’s Cafe American, was the main setting, where alcohol, people willing to do anything and everything to obtain exit visas, a murder, corrupted officials and a forbidden romance have been the key elements. Casablanca is like a purgatory where these sins must be traded in order to escape the city. Clearly, these elements were major issues when it came to the Production...
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Timeless, charming and striking are the best words to describe the 1942 film, ‘Casablanca’, by Michael Curtiz. Humprey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman do a phenomenal job of creating a connection through the audience. From the cinematography to the twists and turns this movie has it all. A mixture of passion and romance makes for a timeless classic film that one can't forget. The beginning of the movie was underwhelming. It seemed to drag on and on with no plot. However,...
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The film, movie, cinema, motion picture, or moving picture has been entertaining audiences for over one hundred plus years. They have come a long way since the Golden Age of movies. Early on movies such as ‘Citizen Kane’, ‘Casablanca’, and ‘The Best Years of Our Lives’ broke and set new ideas for film-making, casting and directing. Their production made new rules for shooting movies. Their casting used A-list celebrities, alongside never-before-seen actors, mixed with regular people that had experience in...
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