Political, Social and Cultural Representation of Europe in the Movie 'Casablanca'

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Speaking about the political representation of Europe in the movie, it should be noted that the action of the film unfolds during the modern World War II. During World War II many Europeans fled from the Fascists controlled continents seeking refuge in America and around the world. Casablanca acts as one of them. A Nazi major arrives here and tries to detain a Czechoslovakian leader. This movie is an intense and moving political thinker which revolves under various philosophical and political issues. The Nazi political power had imprisoned millions of people. This film demonstrates the conditions in Europe and importance of letters of transit which allowed people to commute in Europe and the hope it gave to their life and their dream to reach America. 1942 was the period of World War II by the end of 1942 we could see that Japanese had attacked the Pearl Harbor. This was a major shocking event that awakened the Americans who were neutral during the war to enter the war. This case is the same in the movie too were one of the protagonists becomes idealist and he gets himself involved in with the anti-Nazi war efforts. The arrival of this protagonist was same as Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor; the protagonist finds his political identity only at the end of the film. Another political instance that could be traced is where the Czechoslovakians knew regarding all kinds of Nazi evils. Also, another instance of politics of Europe could be represented through the idea of Nationality were all the characters who were for the Casablanca ant-Nazi were all from the German controlled areas. Casablanca was been administered by the French the French government during this period were pre-occupied in the Germany. There was entirely turmoil existing in this region. The violence depiction that was existing between the Spanish and Morocco has been not shown directly rather just there are mentions. Hence this film is portrayal of the shift of one man from neutrality into European political conflict and who has gradually gets influenced to fight against Nazi Germans.

Speaking about the social representation of Europe in the movie, it should be noted that the first major representation is regarding the refugees who were scattered and finding to escape to America. The whole place of Casablanca is set as a place of anxiety and uncertainty. The protagonist Ricky chooses to do much to represent the shifts in society wherein the basic value system during that period is seen. There are several stances where values are been represented being represented through various ideologies. A new light is been thrown against society, so that there is a large-scale military entry, and people are also engaging themselves in the society thereby. The whole idea of isolationism is been represented wherein the whole society is been represented in 2 shades of society that could clearly be seen wherein one side of the society is into their social life whereas the other part of the society is engaged in war conditions. Various visual representation is been used to depict the society, i.e., various conflicts are been expressed in the American society over the war. The Americans attitude is very clearly seen in the society. There is a personality shift in the society wherein its evident that people are showing their triumph over the war or battle in there society rather than just looking into protecting themselves. There is a kind of feeling that has aroused during this period were one set of people are ready to protect the others and not themselves. The belief that Americans are trying to protect their friends in Europe is another important position if one can infer American social representation. The accomplishment regarding the public reflection regarding the various elements in the human condition is yet another major factor that represents the societal representation in the movie. The great depression created in the societies of Europe is yet another major economic condition that many nations were suffering and its one of the major events that shows how societies were severely hit by engaging in war and societies were suffering from various economic conditions. Men in society were no longer expected to remain strong incapacitated members, rather there was a change in this aspect because they had to play an important role in society. The kind of innocence that women carried in the whole region is also very well representation of how society was.

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And finally, the cultural representation of Europe in the movie. Culture could be analyzed through the entire set up of society in the text. The cultural aspect could be witnessed in characters that lived and that affected their behavior. The cultural aspects in the movie are power, race and politics, were there was existence of suspicion and Rick Blaine in the beginning of the movie who wasn’t caring about politics but at the end he sacrificed his ideology that he had and worked together with Louis Renault the French commander. The opening scene in the film provides the viewer with many insights on the cultural context, were it changed the present ideologies in minds of European people which converted towards the freedom of America. Culture could also be represented through the way the people dressed up. Were both men and women dressed and groomed themselves very carefully. The two characters have represented two souls who have been representing a world in which war has destroyed everyone. The cultural aspect that could be inferred is regarding the music that was been played throughout the movie. The music always used during that period was blending along with the situations. There was no heavy music that was been used.

To sum up, the legendary movie ‘Casablanca’ is an excellent representation of Europe at that time, its political, social and cultural sides.

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