Key Themes of the Movie 'Frozen'

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‘Frozen’ is a movie like no other in the Disney industry because it has not one but two female protagonists. This story is about two sisters, Elsa, and Anna, who have this unconditional love and care for each other even when they were far away from each other. They show the power of sisterhood, contradict the belief that ‘true love’ comes from being in love with a prince, and show the importance of self-acceptance. Frozen offers the ethics of family dependability and determination just as empowers self-revelation and independence.

Throughout the movie, Anna is seen as a fearless optimist who goes on an epic journey to find her sister, Elsa, to bring her back to Arendelle to save their kingdom from an eternal winter. Anna is willing to do anything to bring her sister back and make her feel like she has nothing to be afraid of and that their people will understand her powers and support her because she is their Queen and has a good heart. This movie shows the significance of ‘true love’ by slowly developing the true meaning throughout the movie. For example, Anna at the beginning of the movie was naïve and had created this fantasy concept of true love because of all the years she spent alone in the castle. She twisted love into being something that happened quickly which is why Hans easily manipulated her into falling head over heels for him. To her, it was enough to sing, dance, giggle together and that was love to her. This is shown greatly in the song ‘Love is an Open Door’ (Kristen Bell) because it’s Anna and Hans singing about how they found love and how “alike” they were. They both claimed to be in love, but the truth is that not once did they say the words “I love you” they just decided that they were compatible and should marry because what they had was ‘true love’. But as the story evolves, you can see Anna’s character growth when she decides that her sister is more important than Hans and leaves him behind to track down her sister and bring her back to their kingdom. This act alone shows family loyalty. Anna is willing to do what she must to save her sister from herself and bring her back to Arendelle. When she finally finished her journey and found her sister, Elsa tells Anna that she needs to stay away from her so she will be safe. But once Elsa finds out what happened to Arendelle, she panics and accidentally freezes Anna’s heart. Anna goes to the trolls for help and they tell her that “Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart” (Frozen 2013). Thus, her mind goes directly to a true love’s kiss, and she tries to get to Hans before her heart freezes completely; this is where she finds out that Hans betrayed her and never loved her. Since Hans got Anna out of the way he decides to get Elsa out of his way too. While Hans goes to kill Elsa, Anna makes a self-sacrifice for the love of her sister and saves Elsa from Hans but in the process freezes to death. But because of her sacrifice, she thaws and is revived, proving that her sacrifice was the act of true love she needed to mend her frozen heart. This illustrates, that an act of true love is not defined by romantic love but rather in this circumstance a genuine love for family. Anna displays that even if one grows apart does not mean one’s love does. Because of this, Elsa learns a lot about herself.

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Moreover, Elsa also goes on her journey after reviling her powers to her kingdom. She flees from her people right after they see her powers because she feels that they are fearful of her and will reject her for who she truly is. Ever since the accident Elsa had with Anna, she feels like she is a monster, so she hides behind doors and talked to only her parents. She also did not have any support as a child from her parents, they made her believe that she was dangerous and had to stay hidden to be accepted. Therefore, she was always hiding her powers and did not let anyone in. Elsa feared that her powers were only there to hurt. That was her biggest mistake she let her fear consume her, which made her believe she was a monster. Throughout the movie, Elsa starts to learn self-acceptance and to see the beauty of her powers. When she ran away from her kingdom all she felt at that moment was freedom because she finally did not have to hide her powers behind doors or gloves, she could be herself. At this moment, she felt happy and relieved, she let go of the things that were holding her back from her true potential. But when she had to go back to help her sister, Anna, she lets her fear overpower her and almost gets killed by Hans, but Anna made a sacrifice to save her which, made Elsa realize that love and acceptance of what she could do were the keys to controlling her magic. She learns that fear was holding her back and love was going to help her get rid of that fear. She uses the love she had for Anna to melt the eternal winter and bring back summer to Arendelle.

All in all, Anna, and Elsa, unlike any other princesses, proved that ‘true love’ does not necessarily come from a romantic relationship, but rather a powerful genuine one like the love of a sister. They teach children that it is acceptable to be yourself around others, and that you should not hide or change for someone else. Frozen illustrated the power of family loyalty and recognizing and accepting your true self. It shows just how much family is willing to do for family.

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