Review of the Movie ‘Casablanca’

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Timeless, charming and striking are the best words to describe the 1942 film, ‘Casablanca’, by Michael Curtiz. Humprey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman do a phenomenal job of creating a connection through the audience. From the cinematography to the twists and turns this movie has it all. A mixture of passion and romance makes for a timeless classic film that one can't forget.

The beginning of the movie was underwhelming. It seemed to drag on and on with no plot. However, the flashback to the couple's time in Paris was such a good representation of their relationship and it sets up the audience to be emotionally invested in the two of them. It also helps out the audience to understand how they - Rick Blaine and Ilsa Lund - feel about each other. Humprey Bogart who plays the character of Rick Blaine does a great job of playing a tough guy on the black and white screen. His facial expressions are vague, however, his personality is unintentionally comical. Bogart seems to be heartless until his former beau comes back in his life. The same thing cannot be said about Ingrid Bergman. At the beginning of the movie, Bergman, who plays Ilsa Lund, seems so determined to find out where Rick is. As soon as they come together again, the chemistry between the two is shown and love persists for both of them. The film's main soundtrack 'As Time Goes By' By Doley Wilson is quite the track for this film. As time goes by, Ricks' heart starts to open up. We see a man who sacrifices his happiness for someone he holds dear to his heart.

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The cinematography of ‘Casablanca’ was exceptional. From the lighting to the smoky atmosphere, and the mysterious shenanigans going on in this film, Michael Curtiz gives ‘Casablanca’ a thrilling and flawless reputation. The constant point of view shots between Rick and Ilsa are what make the audience connect more to the movie. The expressions on either character's face while the other is speaking is a great way for ‘Casablanca’ to hold up.

Many films made in the 1940s had a charisma that modern movies will never achieve. One would say that it may be the black and white picture or the appealing look of the actors that make movies more charming. Yet, ‘Casablanca’ has more than just good looks. The way the actors speak in their mid-Atlantic accent makes the entire film superb. Trey Taylor, an editorial assistant at Dazed & Confused magazine writes in his article that, “A Mid-Atlantic English (not to be confused with local accents of the Eastern seaboard) is a name that describes a birthplace halfway between Britain and America”. This way of speaking in the 1940s sounds very posh and charming. It creates a clear dialect and enhances the movie to create an elegant movie that will never go out of style.

The quality acting and camera work makes this film magnificent. Bergman and Bogart brought warmth to this movie. The soundtrack is timeless. The plot and themes are agonizing and romantic considering the era it was made in. It has elements of a rom-com/action movie. This ageless black and white film was ahead of its time, creating a masterpiece film that is satisfying to watch.

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