Essay on Cool Jazz: Warm, Elegant, Soothing and Relaxed

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In the late 1940s, as a response to bebop, a new, softer, warmer, more relaxed and relaxed jazz style appeared, which is called 'cool jazz'. It is mainly composed of white musicians and is concentrated on the west coast of the United States, so it is also known as 'West Coast jazz'.

Cool jazz is like a kind of emotional music. It tries to combine jazz with classical music, trying to get rid of the empty and overly tense elements of music, so that it can be taken seriously. Some people think that cool jazz is music for intimate lovers and romantic scenery. On the west coast of the United States, this new style of jazz is more easily accepted. Because the tone it chooses is soft and elegant, and the sound quality is soft and dry. Although this West Coast style also incorporates bebop's tonal and harmonic characteristics, it is more soothing and smoother than bebop's impromptu performance, and the tone is more harmonious. Compared with bebop, cool jazz often exhibits a sense of relaxation, without the inherent tension of bebop. The cool jazz drummers also become quieter. They often play with drum brushes without disturbing any other musical instrument. All in all, the purpose of Sir Leng is, “The dragonfly draws water, so far, which is why people call it 'cool'”.

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In this paper, I’m going to talk about Chet Baker and Gerry Mulligan, two leading figures leading in cool jazz. Gerry Mulligan is an American jazz saxophonist, composer, and arranger. Although Mulligan was mainly regarded as the leader of the baritone saxophonist in jazz history, he played in a gentle style in the cool jazz era, and he was also a famous arranger. He was in collaboration with trumpeter Chet Baker in the early 1950s. Mullergen's piano-free quartet is still considered one of the more important cool jazz bands.

Also, Chet Baker was one of the representatives of West Coast jazz in the early 1950s as well. After the 1960s, Baker left Mullergen's band and then moved to Europe. Chet Baker's heart is always haunted by lingering confusion and loss. His gentle expression makes people believe that he would always be a brokenhearted lover, and he would be intoxicated by his failures all day. This youthful confusion is what Chet Baker leaves most of the young fans, and his consistent image of music, like the end of his life, is also in people's hearts. His performance and singing are self-centered, like a restrained magnetic field. The listener can only be absorbed by his music, but he never acquiesces to the listener. His music is like a frustrated drunk man on the street, wandering around in the world of feelings, from time to time, some improvisational sparks, with a tearful sense of fate.

I like cool jazz because of its ‘cool’. It is more empathetic than the Blues, and it contains more emotion. For me, I think cool jazz can be summarized in four words, i.e. ‘warm, elegant, soothing, and relaxed’.

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