The Meaning Of Honor And Dignity Of The Person

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Honor is a set of human qualities, due to which he gains self-esteem. It includes such qualities as nobility, justice, valor, courage, honesty and strict moral principles. In the past, honor was associated not so much with the internal qualities of a person, as with his ability to behave in society, to comply with established norms and rules of conduct. It was required to maintain reputation and respect for oneself from others. Honor is closely related to the concept of honesty. Indeed, in the first place, a person should not deceive himself. The concept of 'honor' is revealed in the requirements for the behavior, lifestyle and actions of a person, which imposes public morality on a person as a member of a certain group, as a carrier of public functions. Hence, a set of specific requirements for the behavior of a man, a woman, a doctor - is a man’s honor, female’s, professional’s.

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It is accepted in society, seeing a well-dressed man, to say that he looks decent. But, does dignity manifest itself only externally? Should it not affect the heart of a person and influence his actions? Let's see what human dignity is. The dignity of a person is his respect for himself, a sense of the importance of himself as a person, the ability to get out of any situation, without overstepping his principles.

This is the ability to interact with the world, without compromising its principles, without making concessions to base desires and bad actions. Self-esteem is an individual's awareness of self-worth and value, and adherence to certain rules of behavior based on self-esteem. It is inherent in everyone from birth. The dignity of man allows him to realize the importance of not only himself, but also those around him. Man has to shape it, educate and train it in itself. People who have this quality are respectful of others. Dignity gives a person a sense of confidence in themselves and in their abilities. The higher we evaluate ourselves, the more potential opportunities open up before us. Probably everyone in his life found himself in such situations when one experiences a feeling of lack of self-esteem and his own worthlessness. It happens that people do not feel worthy, believe that they have nothing to respect. This usually happens when a person commits a particular act for which he later experiences remorse. In such cases, it is said that honor and dignity are lost. As a rule, after some time a person smooths his guilt, improves his reputation and again deserves respect. He ceases to consider himself a loser and nothingness, removes this definition from himself. Honor and dignity at the same time again returned to the person.

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