Jodie Williams' Meaning of World Peace and How We Can Achieve It: Speech Analysis

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For Jody Williams, the meaning of peace is that most people here in the world have adequate access to live, have adequate access to education and health needs. Not singing ‘Kumbaya My Lord’, not symbolize the dove and the rainbow is true peace. Jody Williams showed what she wanted to convey in key terms related to peace, she exemplified people showing peaceful demeanor, and she used common general speech to reach people. And based on the people she mentioned, everyone who claims to have peace must take action, so the people Williams mentioned have devised other methods to bring people together, and they can say what they want to convey. And wants to make the world new and to have peace.

Jody Williams said that human security is essential in determining peace in a society. She said she was not completely pacifist like other people, she did not know that the government required to spend big money just for military defense. Williams stressed that hopefully that budget would have been used for more rational things to make our country more secure around the world. Through the use of money or budget, many can be provided with medical equipment for underdeveloped societies, saving endangered species and creating a new and healthier environment for the next generation to use, see and care for. So that the security of the people of the world can be ensured that the world is peaceful for all.

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Jody Williams continues to make endless arguments for world peace by explaining and meeting with a Buddhist monk. The Buddhist monk told Williams she has become skeptical because she believes that meditation and prayer will not ensure world peace, but in action will ensure world peace. The woman called ‘Tree Lady’; Williams described her heroism as a 2004 Peace Prize laureate. She was nicknamed ‘Tree Lady’ because it describes how creative she is with her action to ensure peace. As she planted his trees and gathered community members to help him, at these gatherings the authoritarianism of the government was discussed.

Jody Williams’ general technique in her speech is precise, straightforward, and infallible in what is said, her voice is strong in tone because she pronounces it with meaning and power. Peace cannot be achieved in hope, but it takes organization, courage and effort so that they can be realized. Jody went through the list of people who strive for the peace of our country and sacrificed to continue to fight. Jody Williams wants to convey that today we as a people need those who are able to rise up and act to restore the true meaning of peace. And if each of us who care about something else that we value would step up and volunteer, it will change and save the world. We have to do it ourselves.

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