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How to Prevent Drunk Driving Essay

Drunk driving is the criminal offense of operating a vehicle with a concentration of alcohol in your blood that exceeds the legal limit. According to the Government of Ontario, “Throughout Canada, the maximum legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) for fully licensed drivers is to be under 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 milliliters of blood, or 0.08”. Nowadays, drunk driving offenses are addressed much more severely and are eminently deemed in today’s society. The primary cause of death and injuries...
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Essay on Teenage Pregnancy Caused by Drugs and Alcohol

My research My Research Topic is Teenage Pregnancy My research title is the study of Factors Influencing Teenage Pregnancy in Africa Background information on teenage pregnancy Africa remains one of the landmasses with the most elevated levels of adolescent pregnancies in the world. In showing disdain toward this, there are constrained experimental inquiries about ponders on determinants of young pregnancy in Africa. Research has shown that Africa is the leading nation with the highest number of teenage pregnancy cases. This...
2 Pages 804 Words

Cause and Effect Essay on Drinking Alcohol

Abstract Drinking alcohol is the main risk factor causing health problems, especially for old people. In the United States, cirrhosis is a health issue that is mostly caused by drinking alcohol. However, it is hard to stop drinking alcohol as it causes old people addicted to it and they cannot escape from it. The interventions that will be addressed are television, the Internet, and social campaigns using social psychological theories and concepts such as the elaboration likelihood model, vividness effect,...
3 Pages 1580 Words

Essay on Alcohol and How It Influences Sleep Disorders

Alcohol is one of the most controversial products of relatively common consumption. Its side effects affect many elements of our body, having the serious problem of not being able to differentiate the supposedly positive effects that we notice from the harmful effects it produces inside. With insomnia, alcohol has a double effect on our body that evolves over time. By not knowing in depth its consequences we let it act hoping that it happens alone, based mainly on our experience...
1 Page 617 Words

Essay on Alcohol

Alcohol (ethanol) is a chemical generated from the fermentation of yeast (,2022) that is used to make wine, beer, and many kinds of spirits. When used in excessive doses, alcohol is categorized as a depressant drug that affects the nervous system. Alcohol, when used in proportion, can serve as a stimulator, causing sensations of relaxation, talkativeness, and exhilaration. Fermented products (foundation for drug-free world,2006) have been used for millennia, dating back to Egyptian civilization; and are often made from fresh...
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Solutions To Issues Related to Drunk Driving

Alcohol related crashes kill about ten thousand people per year in the United States. That is thirty people a day that's one person every forty-eight minutes. When under the influence of alcohol can have a slowed reaction time and the ability to act gone. In the United States the legal limit is zero point eight Blood alcohol Concentration (BAC) yet problems start at zero point two BAC. Drunk Driving is a major problem in my opinion that causes injuries and...
1 Page 534 Words

Drunk Driving: Observing Legal Background of Sobriety Checkpoints in US

Sobriety checkpoints are checkpoints that are randomly set up on the roadway and there is no fixed location when it comes setting them up. They happen randomly but more so on certain days of the year where there are high chances of DUI incidents such as Patrick’s Day, New Year’s, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, etc. Although they have no fixed location, they tend to set up at locations that have history of roadway incidents. During the checking process, they have...
1 Page 572 Words

Effect of Alcohol on the Health of Eyes and Vision: Analytical Essay

It is very unlikely that alcohol in moderation causes any problems to your eyes, however, the opposite can be said for consumption in excess. High levels of alcohol consumption can have short-term and long-term effects on the eye, and consuming too much of the wrong kind of alcohol, in some cases, can cause blindness. Ophthalmologist Payal Patel, MD, stated how our diet affects our body, and a poor diet with heavy alcohol does result in higher toxin levels and reduced...
4 Pages 1734 Words

Theme of Alcohol in Francis Scott Fitzgerald's 'The Great Gatsby'

Francis Scott Fitzgerald in his novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ in one way or another touched on the topic of alcohol and addiction to it, characteristic of the society of that era. Caraway is particularly susceptible to alcohol in ‘The Great Gatsby’. Nick Caraway drinks to avoid his reality and associated problems. Secondly, he drinks a lot of alcohol, especially in parties to avoid socializing with strangers. On the afternoon of Myrtle's party, he states, “I sat down discreetly in the...
2 Pages 1081 Words

Problem of Alcohol-Related Accidents in Today's World

Alcohol related accidents are far too common in today’s world for one for not directly involved or related to those involved to be utterly shocked and amazed by the outcome. Far too often the individual who decided to get behind the wheel inebriated often walks away from the scene usually rather unscathed with minor bumps and bruises, while the innocent family, person, dog, etc., are maimed or dead beyond saving. Most individuals have a hope that they will never be...
2 Pages 916 Words

Influence of Alcohol Marketing on Youth

Every day, through various ways and with the use of media, young adults and children are endlessly induced to healthy, harmless and positive images of alcohol and its benefits. They are lured with the demonstrations through marketing of brands and products which are effectively injurious and predominantly causing harm to young adults. Absence of strict rules and regulations protects young adults from such mind controlling and brainwashing temptations of their drinking habits. Although, marketing can definitely groom our young adults...
4 Pages 1701 Words

Effects of Alcohol on People and Their Lives

I would say that there is a high probability that you know someone that is either in your family or a friend of someone in your family that has dealt with the consequences that alcohol brings. Alcohol can take a toll on our lives whether we abuse it or not. Maybe you are not personally affected by the consequences of alcohol in your life, but we as a society need to understand that there is a huge issue with people...
3 Pages 1217 Words

Benefits and Harm of Alcohol for Humans

Alcohol is an organic substance that is chemically formed when the hydroxyl group is replaced with the hydrogen seed in the hydrocarbon compound, as indicated above. In addition to fermentation of sugars found in many varieties of potatoes and legumes such as corn, ethyl alcohol acts as a depressant of the central nervous system. It should also be noted that ethyl alcohol is used in the production of solutions that are used in medicine as antiseptics or preservatives, or in...
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Problems Faced by Adolescence Due to Risky Alcohol Use and Ways to Solve Them

In Australia, there has been a growing concern about adolescent alcohol consumption. According to Jones and Magee (2014), approximately 54.1% of youth have tried alcohol before 12 years of age and this figure increased to 80.9% by age 15 and 90.9% by age 17 in Australia. There are several reasons why adolescents start drinking, such as poor family management and relationships and interaction with anti-social peers (Hemphill et al., 2014). Eventually, teenagers drink a risk amount of alcohol so they...
4 Pages 1779 Words

Harmful Effects of Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is the term we use for ethanol the substance reasonable for individuals to drink. Another kind of alcohol is methanol and it is hurtful to individuals. It is the result of solidifying sustenance substances like grapes or grain with sugar and yeast which allow them to age. People use alcohol in various structures and inside various social settings. In any case regardless of the way that alcohol is used the world over it is moreover regularly manhandled or misused...
1 Page 539 Words

Essay on Why High School Students Should Not Drink Alcohol

When I was a sophomore, I got invited to go to a party with my friends during our Christmas break. We were all having a good time until an older male came and offered us a drink, and because we didn’t know what it was, we accepted it. As I took my first sip from the cup, I felt the bitter taste of the liquid flowing down my throat, causing me to throw up. I did some research the following...
1 Page 637 Words

Effects of Alcohol Use Among the Youth

Alcohol use has grown significantly among the youth ranging from adolescence through to young adulthood. The legal age for drinking alcohol in many global policies is between 18 and 21 years, and this is a period considered as the youth. Underage drinking is illegal and restricted in nearly all countries. However, it is still an epidemic and may go as low as 12 years (Osgood et al., 2013). Alcohol, in its many kinds and form, has become a big commercial...
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Effects of Alcohol on the Brain

The brain plays a major role in controlling various body functions such as movement, sensation, thinking, memory, and speech. It is divided into two halves with specialized functions. The right-brain’s functions include controlling the left side of the body, visual and spatial skills, memory storage, feelings and intuitions, holistic interpretations, and creativity. The left-brain’s functions include controlling the right side of the body, sequential analysis, memory storage in particular order, logical interpretations, reading and understanding language, and analyzing. Damage to...
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Effects of Alcohol on Eye Health

Alcohol is one of many psychoactive drugs with addictive potential, which has a significant impact on public health and individuals in society (Crocq, 2007). Alcohol is a modifiable lifestyle factor that has intentionally inflicted and unintentionally acquired injuries (Iranpour and Nakhaee, 2019, p. 132) that has resulted in hospitalization and is most widely used as a recreational drug in the Western world. The health of the eye is important because there is a co-dependent relationship between the eyes and the...
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Barista: Career Report

This essay is about an interesting career—barista. Some basic information about a barista such as jobs and duties, working places, working hours as well as salary will be included in the report. Besides that, I will write about how to be a barista and the outlook of this career dependent on my research. Job Overview Since coffee is a popular drink and there are more and more coffee shops around the world, people are familiar with barista. In simple terms,...
1 Page 521 Words

Bad Effects of Alcohol on the Human Body

Alcohol is one of the most prevalently consumed resources in the world, used by thousands and thousands of human beings in the course of the United States on a normal basis. Alcohol consumption can have a pervasive influence on health and well-being and even light ingesting is associated with sure unfavorable effects. The greater alcohol a character consumes, the extra of an effect it has on their system. When one thinks about the effect that alcohol can have on a...
2 Pages 925 Words

Alcohol Vs Marijuana: Which Is Healthier and Safer

The debate of whether alcohol or weed is worse for your body is nothing new to be debated on. Everyone has their own opinion on which is healthier but only one thing can truly prove who is right and who’s wrong, facts. Statistics have proven in the past few years that marijuana is much safer for your health. Even with all these facts, however, some people still hold on to their opinion like it is all they have. In this...
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Alcohol Should Be Controlled

In the last year over eighty-eight thousand people have died from the results of over drinking. This is only part of the reason alcohol usage should be controlled. Alcohol can have a very negative impact on the lives of people and someone needs to fix it. There are many different reasons why alcohol usage should be controlled. One of those reasons is driving while drinking. Many people’s lives are ruined due to car accidents involving drunk drivers. A survivor of...
2 Pages 775 Words

Alcohol Remains a Dangerous Problem for Canadian Population

In June 2017, Andre Picard brought public attention to seemingly trivial issue of alcohol in his article at the Globe and Mail ‘We Need to Stop Romanticizing Alcohol’. According to the Globe and Mail, Andre Picard is known for his dedication to improving healthcare. “He was named Canada's first 'Public Health Hero' by the Canadian Public Health Association and as a 'Champion of Mental Health' by the Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health. His work has been recognized...
2 Pages 906 Words

Alcohol Consumption and Stress within University Students

Alcohol consumption is one of the most significant health concerns around the world. It varies from country to country, but Europe is the heaviest drinking continent in the world with high level of alcohol consumption within United Kingdom and Ireland. One uniquely endangered group is university students mostly young adults aged between 18 and 29 years of age that drink more and more due to binge drinking being an acceptable social norm among students. A vast number of scientific studies...
2 Pages 1120 Words

Alcohol as the Most Dangerous Drug

Alcohol is, in my point of view, the most dangerous drug in our society. Its effects are potent, and the main reason for it being incredibly dangerous is that we don't see it as a drug. We see it as a tasty beverage, something to relax with, something to lighten our mood. This may be true, but your opinion of the substance may change when you realize the harm, and risks that it can also cause. Everyone drinks. We go...
2 Pages 861 Words

Alcohol and Its Effects on Society

Alcohol has been a problem in our society for a long time and it will continue to be a problem unless we address it, and teach others the real dangers of drinking alcohol. There are people dying because they don't know the real dangers that can come from extreme consumption of alcohol. I don’t see why we shouldn’t just go out of our way and teach people about alcohol and its effects that come with it. Drinking alcohol can be...
1 Page 486 Words

Alcohol and Its Effects

Alcohol can destroy our life; it is our enemies. If you’re addicted to alcohol, it makes us doing bad things than we think. Alcohol has an impact on our life, our health and it can destroy our family. In this essay I will talk about what alcohol is, its effects on health and mortality. Alcohol in alcoholic drinks we drink is a chemical called ethanol. It is a colorless volatile flammable liquid that is produced by the natural fermentation of...
1 Page 594 Words

Alcohol and Drugs as Challenges for University Students

From juggling deadlines to a part time job student life is not as easy as it seems. Money is in short supply and a considerable number of students leave home and move into student accommodation to get the freedom that adolescents desire. There are many new challenges individuals face when becoming independent for the first time such as experiencing a drug and alcohol culture. Freshers’ week is the week before university official starts filled with sociable events immersing all years...
2 Pages 744 Words

Alcohol and Aviation: Case Study

Hundreds of decisions and actions are to be taken during flight operations of an aircraft, ranging from pre-flight processes like weather interpretation, fueling, route selection and checklists, to flight operations such as taxing, take-off, cruise and landing. Proper procedures must be correctly executed to ensure safe completion of flight operations and that no risks are taken or hazards are created that may affect the aircraft, aircrew, passengers, cargo and other airplanes. A pilot’s ability to make decision, and or execute...
4 Pages 1988 Words

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