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Alcohol (ethanol) is a chemical generated from the fermentation of yeast (,2022) that is used to make wine, beer, and many kinds of spirits. When used in excessive doses, alcohol is categorized as a depressant drug that affects the nervous system. Alcohol, when used in proportion, can serve as a stimulator, causing sensations of relaxation, talkativeness, and exhilaration.

Fermented products (foundation for drug-free world,2006) have been used for millennia, dating back to Egyptian civilization; and are often made from fresh grapes, apples, honey, and grain. Alcohol was extensively utilized in the 1600s amid remedies such as sterile usage, but by the mid-eighteenth century, inexpensive forms of spirits had overflowed markets, resulting in mass distribution. From prohibition to a dramatic push for sales in the USA in 1920, attitudes regarding the use of alcohol shifted, and by 1933, the commerce of alcohol had become a global business.


Medical experts claim (mayoclinic,2021) that there is evidence of alcohol's possible advantages when drunk in moderation. However, a person's health, such as food, activity, and habits, can all have a role. Adults with regular alcohol use can have one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for males (see appendix 1). According to statistics, alcohol use may minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, as well as the likelihood of getting diabetic (see appendix 1).

Besides the civilization of alcohol and its extensive use in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, additional reasons people drink alcohol (Antonia, abbey. r,2022) have been related to the release of stress and societal factors. During festivities, social drinking (Jarrett, c.2017) has been employed as a means of socializing with classmates, friends, and family. According to psychologists, individuals use alcohol to help them reduce inhibition and improve their mood. Alcohol's public perception and societal advantages have been linked to individuals feeling more connected to one another. Researchers did a study (Fairbairn, c.2013) in which they recorded a group of strangers chatting and contrasted those who had consumed alcohol to those who had not. Alcohol lowered anxiety issues and facilitated communication among the applicants, according to the findings. There are approximately 602,000 indicated alcohol consumers (,2022). Popular sporting events, eating, nightclubs, and bars are just a handful of the popular areas where people consume alcohol. Depending on age, gender, social class, and culture, each social circle has a unique viewpoint toward alcohol.

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After a busy day, it is well-recognized that a glass of wine (hockey,2022) helps individuals rest and unwind. Self-medicating with alcohol can alleviate stress and depression symptoms for a short time. The stressor in the brain linked with inhibition is dampened by this depressive medication action. According to experts, brain function is the reason why people may feel calm or think they have had better sleep after alcohol (see appendix 1). Alcohol reduces serotonin levels and increases the calming hormone GABA, simulating the effects of a good night's sleep.

Health risks

Excessive (binger) drinking can be a sign of alcoholism ( in those who drink more than the daily recommended amount. Addiction and dependency, which may lead to poverty, mental health concerns, and trauma, are some of the immediate consequences of alcohol consumption. People who use alcohol are more likely to commit violence, which is one of the highest rates of crime. According to (,2022), 39 percent of persons in Wales suffered maltreatment as a result of antisocial behavior associated with alcoholism in 2019. Alcohol decreases inhibition in the brain, leading to illogical decision-making, which increases the chance of developing STDs and transferring them through unprotected sex. Because an individual who drinks alcohol might lose awareness of self-control, alcohol has been expected to induce multiple road deaths as a consequence of driving while intoxicated. Alcohol can impede driving habits and the potential to make judgments, resulting in accidents and, in the worst situation, death. According to data from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (,2019), between 210 and 250 persons were murdered due to drunk driving in 2019.

Health hazards in the long-term (,2021) of heavy alcohol use may lead to a wide range of medical problems, like hypertension, heart problems, prostate cancer, decreased immunity, and intestinal issues, to mention a few (see appendix 1). Excess alcohol intake can impair the body's normal restorative process during sleep, by diverting the attention away from mending vital organs and cells and toward purging the body of toxins. Excessive alcohol use can also have a serious effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Alcohol can impede the uptake of some vitamins, such as folate and thiamine, in the small intestine. Alcohol use can potentially contribute to a 'leaky gut' by increasing membrane absorption. Toxins and germs can flow more readily from the stomach into the circulatory system because of this leading to issues with vital organs in the body. Alcohol is restricted in expecting mothers in gestation (,2021) owing to many health concerns and hazards to the infant. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDS) are a range of illnesses that can impair the fetus before birth (see appendix 1).

Alcohol abuse can cause troubles with cognitive and psychological consequences (,2021) throughout time, such as sadness and rage. Social issues such as broken families, job-related troubles, and joblessness may be a result of excessive alcohol consumption. Individuals struggling with depression (galbicsek, c,2021) are twice as probable to turn to alcohol for stress, tension, and restlessness alleviation. If alcohol use is not controlled, it may create a vicious cycle in which people develop dependent on it. This can induce cognitive deficits, which can lead to severe depression or psychotic episodes.

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