Essay on Why High School Students Should Not Drink Alcohol

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When I was a sophomore, I got invited to go to a party with my friends during our Christmas break. We were all having a good time until an older male came and offered us a drink, and because we didn’t know what it was, we accepted it. As I took my first sip from the cup, I felt the bitter taste of the liquid flowing down my throat, causing me to throw up. I did some research the following morning and found out that alcohol has many disadvantages on the teenage body. Drinking alcohol while you’re still in high school can lead to health problems and drug addiction.

I think students in high school shouldn’t drink alcohol because it can lead to health problems. Alcohol is a depressant, which means that it slows down the function of the central nervous system. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 7.1 million young people between ages 12 and 20 reported that they have drunk alcohol in 2018. During this age range, the brain is still developing. By drinking alcohol, there is a significant impact on long-term thinking and memory skills. Elevated liver enzymes have also been found in some adolescents who drink alcohol. Drinking alcohol during puberty, a period when hormonal changes occur in adolescents, can affect the critical hormonal balance necessary for normal development of organs, muscles, and bones (‘Underage Drinking’). This means that the effects of alcohol on high school students between this age range can lead to mental and physical health problems, and it is not a laughing matter. These changes are permanent and must be taken seriously, especially if you don’t want other health problems to develop when you’re older.

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Drinking alcohol can lead to alcoholism. Alcoholism is an addiction to the consumption of alcoholic liquor (‘Alcoholism’). Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance globally, including individuals under the age of 21. There are many reasons why teenagers in high school drink and some of these are: thinking it’s cool to drink, wanting to fit in, feeling pressured to drink, or even battling anxiety or depression (Murray). This means that the person may want to fit in with their friends by drinking. They may get influenced or pressured to drink because others around them are doing it. They may also be dealing with anxiety or depression and feel that their only solution is drinking. As the person grows older, their dependency on the drug may increase, and they may develop an addiction to the drug.

Many may argue that drinking is good for you. They may think drinking relieves boredom and stress, or it may make them feel happy for a short period of time because of the effects of the drug. They feel this way because the substance causes the brain to release high levels of chemicals associated with pleasure or reward (‘Addiction as a Disease’). They may also resort to drinking as an escape from the problems in their daily life. However, these shouldn’t be the reasons why you should drink. Drinking has negative effects on your body, and these changes are permanent. They are dangerous to your health especially because the brain is still developing at this time. You shouldn’t put your life in danger because it’s so important. Since drinking is so addictive, it may even lead to death. You may even encounter accidents such as car crashes, fights, and even death.

In conclusion, health problems and addiction can develop from drinking while you’re in high school. You shouldn’t feel pressured to drink. It is not the only solution to your problems in life. Drinking causes permanent damages to your mental and physical health. These can be grave and deadly, so don’t drink. Refraining from drinking will only benefit you and your body. These are reasons why you shouldn’t drink.

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