Alcohol Should Be Controlled

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In the last year over eighty-eight thousand people have died from the results of over drinking. This is only part of the reason alcohol usage should be controlled. Alcohol can have a very negative impact on the lives of people and someone needs to fix it. There are many different reasons why alcohol usage should be controlled.

One of those reasons is driving while drinking. Many people’s lives are ruined due to car accidents involving drunk drivers. A survivor of an impact with a drunk driver, Jacqueline Saburido, suffered severe burns to over 60% of her body that has left her with no nose, ears, eyelids, lips, hair or fingers after the car she was in caught on fire (Fera, Rae). In Texas about every thirty-one minutes someone will be injured or killed due to a drunk driver. That’s about one thousand thirty-seven lives lost each year. Now in the United States that’s ten-thousand lives each year.

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Another reason is that alcohol can affect the brain of overdrinkers. It can cause memory loss, trouble with learning, loss of attention span, and depression. Alcohol can affect short term and long-term memory. Alcohol can affect short term by slowing down how nerves communicate to each other in the part of the brain called the hippocampus (Nall, Rachel). Long-term memory loss is caused by drinking so much alcohol that it doesn’t only slow it down, but damages it. Alcohol can also affect learning. The side effects (memory, concentration problems, anxiety) last for at least forty-eight hours. So, if a person drank Friday night and had to study for a test on Monday, they would remember less than fifty percent of the information. Finally, alcohol can make depression worse. Sometimes people drink it to relieve depression and sometimes it can cause it. Those who drink while having depression are likely to have suicidal thoughts. Drinking a lot of alcohol can lead to brain damage which leads to depression. Depression can result with ruined relationships of friends and family.

Alcohol can destroy relationships with friends and family. Time spent drinking and getting drunk can take away time spent with family. Relationships with husband or wife can be ruined if a person has sex while being drunk and can affect the children. A child can get hurt from drunk and abusive parents. All of these things are reasons why alcohol should be controlled.

A huge reason is a person's health. A big thing about alcohol is that it can affect a person's health in many ways. It can cause several types of cancer, liver problems, and mental health problems. Alcohol can cause seven different types of cancer, bowel cancer, breast cancer, laryngeal cancer, liver cancer, mouth cancer, esophageal cancer, and pharyngeal cancer. Liver cancer is one of the most common types of cancer caused by alcohol. Liver cancer happens when you drink so much alcohol that it can damage the liver cells in your stomach which causes liver cancer. When the cancer in the liver spreads it can affect the breast and lungs causing breast and lung cancer. Alcohol can also cause mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and mood swings. Alcohol does not really cause depression or anxiety but can make them worse. People often go to alcohol to help with their mental problems in life but usually it makes it way worse or can lead to a different problem.

On the positive side of things there are very many solutions to the problem. Many people are running campaigns for younger underage drinkers so that they can learn the side effects of drinking and will not do it. There are also many organizations that are doing many things to help control the usage of alcohol. The organization NIAAA does research on alcohol, tries to prevent people from getting disorders, and is finding treatments. Another organization, NCADD, is dedicated to helping those who are in midst of trying to overcome an alcohol-disorder or other substance abuse problems. It’s founder, Marty Mann, was one of the earliest members of yet another organization, Alcoholics Anonymous. AA is an international organization that provides alcoholics a safe place to talk, share, and discuss their past dealing with alcohol.

The government has also passed several laws trying to prevent these things from happening. Underage drinking and drinking while driving are examples of laws that the government has passed to prevent these problems. There are more laws that could be passed such as no drinking after eleven pm.

There are many ways that alcohol can have a negative impact on our community but there are ways we are working on stopping it. This is why alcohol usage should be controlled.

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