The Meaning Of Emotions And Choice In The Giver

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Imagine an advanced future society where there is no war and no pain. Where there is no sorrow and hate. No one has a problem with anyone. But at the cost of vital human emotions such as love, happiness, and basic human choice. In The Giver their advanced society does it this way where everyone is assigned to them from a lifelong job even to their life partner. I don’t think that a society as depicted in the book The Giver would be a perfect society.

Jonas’ Society limits all the choices that its citizens has to almost zero. Your spouse is determined by the government of the society like every other thing from your job to whether or not you have a baby assigned to your “family” unit. The community in The Giver hold a Ceremony of Age each year where they assign you something depending on your age. At the Ceremony of One is where babies are given names and placed with family units. The removal of the human right of free choice would make a society without choice almost sub-human.

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Emotions are what make humans human and by taking those away you are taking basic human nature. In The Giver Jonas starts to not take the injections that remove the emotions from the citizens in his community, and in the first few days he finally sees his first color, the red of and apple. Eliminating human emotion would solve some problems, but it would not be appropriate to take away the joy and the happiness and love that people feel in their everyday lives. Eliminating love and hate should not be done because it takes away a part of the what makes humans human.

If we were to eliminate choices and emotions from humans it could create a perfect utopia. Without choice humans would not create conflicts or wars because there was no reason for them to hate or resent others. It would also eliminate all the homeless people by giving them free housing, family, and a job like everyone else. While hate and resentment brings war and death, with hate there is also love and truly caring for another human, and living without the ability to be loved by another human or being able to truly love anyone else sounds like a horrible way to live a life.

The community in The Giver would a horrible dystopian society that would turn humans into emotionless drones. I don’t believe there could ever be a utopian city but my thinking is different from many other humans. And we could find out what other humans think by discussion and considering what they think and coming to a compromise that might help each other. I think discussion of what could make human lives better could lead to the betterment of the world as a whole.

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