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Recognising And Controlling Pain In Rabbits

Pain can be defined as an unpleasant sensation and emotional experience that is generally linked to damaged tissue (IASP, 1994). This feeling of pain occurs when a signal originating at a receptor travels through nerve fibres to the brain for interpretation. The nervous system may also elicit a physical reaction to attempt to prevent further tissue damage. The most common form of pain is that which arises from damaged tissue (nociceptive pain), however it can also be caused by damage...
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Knee Pain With Injured Medial Collateral Ligament

Introduction Medial collateral ligament (MCL) is the most common injured ligaments in the knee accounting up to 40% of all knee injuries (Andrews et al., 2017). Its frequent in sports involving valgus knee loading such as football. Knee braces have been studied for their benefits as they can provide 20-30% greater resistance to lateral blows and ACL is further protected (Albright, Saterback and Stokes, 1995). However other studies have shown how it can decrease performance. Najibi and Albright (2005) showed...
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Assessing Post-Operative Pain In Rats

Introduction For centuries, animals are used to study multitudes of phenomena for furthering scientific knowledge. According to UK Home Office, 3.79 million procedures were conducted on animals for research in 2017 (Speaking of Research, 2018). These animals include mice, fish, rats, birds, dogs, among others. The use of massive number of animals in research pushed forth regulations for animal welfare. Animal welfare came a long way from public discourse of vivisection to the foundation of five freedoms. It was only...
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Chronic Pain: Causes, Forms And Pain Matrix

Introduction Pain is defined as “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage” (12). Neuropathic pain is solely linked to damaged nerve or the nervous system. Similarly, Nociceptive is often an acute pain caused by a physical pressure or an inflammation which is detected by a nociceptor. Chronic pain can be perceived as a disease itself as it is an amalgam of nociceptive pains (such as visceral, somatic and chemical) and psychogenic pain that triggers...
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The Concept Of Pain, Its Aspects, Attributes And Consequences

This paper will talk about a very important and complex concept, this concept is pain. Pain is a universal concept and common human experience in most of the disciplines especially, nursing discipline. In nursing life and practice, pain one of the most experienced and expressed phenomena by patients. This paper aims to extend the understanding of the concept of pain, to clarify pain concept from its different aspects and to determine its uses, attributes, antecedents, consequences, and finally introduces a...
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Pain Management With Cancer Diseases

Introduction- Cancer is a major public health problem in the US and many other countries of the world. It is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Cancer is expected to the most important barrier to increasing life expectancy in the 21st century. According to estimates from the World Health Organization in 2015, cancer is the first or second leading cause of death before age 70 years in 91 of 172 countries, and it ranks third or...
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Chest Pain As A Symptom Of Cardiovascular Diseases

Introduction According to the World Health Organization, Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the world’s leading non-communicable cause of deadly diseases. In Australia, around 18.3% of adults reported having circulatory systems conditions such as heart attack and stroke. Common factors such as sedentary lifestyle, smoking, hypertension, hyperlipidemias, diabetes, obesity and family history have been found to be largely associated with CVDs due to the high risk of forming atherosclerotic plaques. At the same time, genetic factors and ageing also play an important...
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The Importance Of Pain And Its Types

Pain is an adaptive, but unpleasant, sensation and emotional experience which acts as an early warning to protect the body from tissue damage; it allows the body to prevent further injury. People experience pain as signals from the stimuli are sent to the brain for interpretation via nerve fibres. Maladaptive pain is when the pain is out of proportion to the damage done to the tissues. Pain tolerance is the intensity or duration of pain that a person can bear...
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Right to Die: It Is Better to Die Than to Survive with Pain

While killing someone in an attempt to defend ‘self’ is acceptable by law, mercy killing is seen as an act that is highly immoral in nature. The motive of euthanasia is to ‘aid-in-dying’ painlessly and thus should be considered positively by lawmakers. Euthanasia should be a natural extension of a patient’s rights allowing him to decide the value of life and death. Continuing life support scheme alongside the patient’s desire is measured as immoral by law as well as medicinal...
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Perception Of Pain In The Chinese Culture

Since time immemorial, the nature of science fears the idea of subjective data due to its capricious and unpredictable characteristics. Wherein science is ultimately based on empirical evidence of cause and effect relationships, the nature of pain is highly dependent on physical, psychological and environmental factors. A pioneer in pain management once said, “pain is whatever the person experiencing it says it is and exists whenever he says it does” (1999, p. 98). Margo McCaffery meant to say that pain...
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Humour/Laughter And Their Effects On Pain Threshold

Within this discussion it will be shown the affect of humour on pain tolerance. Humour/laughter is shown to release different hormones which can affect an individual’s pain threshold and the believe to reduce stress, showing how there is a biological basis to this idea. The first study shows how the treatment of breast cancer patients can be affected by humour due to the pain they feel during the procedure they endure (Lee & Uchiyama, 2015). Another study to support this...
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The Role And Impacts Of Science On Pain Management

The Role Of Science Ibuprofen was discovered in 1961 by Stewart Adams. The problem ibuprofen was trying to solve was pain management. Pain management includes: headaches, fevers, inflammation and general aches and pains. At the time Ibuprofen was first made available to the public in 1969, there were a number of alternative pain management solutions. This included natural and manufactured products. Opium was the main solution people used for pain management. Opium is a compound that was made from the...
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The Difference Between Physical and Emotional Pain

Imagine getting punched in the face, probably an aching pain. Then picture a six-year-old being picked on for her hair. In result, she’s probably going to cry and get emotional. Physical and emotional pain are two different kinds of pain. One being personally afflicted on the body and another pain towards an emotional aspect of feelings. Emotional pain in my perspective and my experience is worse than physical pain. In elementary school I got bullied, it emotionally affected and challenged...
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Headache Due To Ischemic Cerebral Vascular Accident

Introduction The point of this case study is to research and explore ischemic cerebral vascular accidents and their treatment in the pre-hospital environment. It will include the epidemiology and incidence of strokes, the clinical presentation as well as the aetiology and pathophysiology. This case study will then determine how to appropriately manage these patients in the pre-hospital setting. Stroke is a medical emergency and some of the main signs and symptoms include headache, weakness or paralysis, and slurred speech1,2 Cerebral...
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Pain Tolerance Peculiarities

Pain can come in many forms such as burns and aching. Pain tolerance is the amount of pain a person can withhold. Some people describe themselves having a high or low pain tolerance. When having a high tolerance to pain, it means the person can withstand pain more. Low pain tolerance is not being able to cope with pain very well and that they are more sensitive and can feel pain more. A research was conducted by Margaret Stuber, sherry...
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Does Humour Increase Pain Tolerance Directly?

In this essay I will discuss the relationship between pain tolerance and humour. According to Woodrow, Friedman, Sieglaub, and Collen (1972), Pain tolerance can be defined as the level at which an individual can withstand pain. I will look into whether humour has a direct influence on pain tolerance, or whether in studies on the relationship between humour and pain tolerance, there are other factors affecting pain tolerance. Elmali and Akpinar (2017) looked into the effects of humorous videos on...
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The Peculiarities Of Pain Management

INTODUCTION TO PAIN The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) defines pain as a highly unpleasant physical and emotional experience related to actual or potential tissue injury (Kumar and Elavasari, 2016). Pain is very subjective and specific to every individual person. Nurses are invited by McCaffery and Beebe (1989) to recognise that ‘pain is what the patient says it is’ providing they are able to express or verbalise this. Pain is a distressing experience that affects everybody at...
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