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Structure and Basic Functions of the Human Skeleton

The human skeleton is the internal framework of the human body. The skeleton main function is to support and give the human body shape. The major bones of the skeleton are: The skull- It is made up of the cranium, mandible, and maxilla; The shoulder girdle- It consist of the clavicle and scapula; The arm- It consist of the humerus, radius, ulna; The hand- it is made up of carpals, metacarpals, and phalanges; The chest- It is made up of...
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Human Bone Cell Types

As we know that the human skeleton is mainly composed of bone tissues which provides support for the body, and gives protection to the vital organs such as those in the cranial and thoracic cavities, and encloses medullary cavity containing bone marrow ,as well as bone tissues, also serve as reservoir of phosphate, calcium, and other ions. Bone tissues also provide mechanical and metabolic function to skeleton. Bone is a specialized connective tissue which comprises bone matrix, calcified extracellular material,...
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Critical Review of Bone Age Assessment Methods

Globally, age has become the benchmark for many social events such as alcohol consumption, marriage and employment. And with it, entails legal responsibilities and ramifications. With the rise in illegal immigrants from war-torn and impoverished nations into developing countries, an individual’s age becomes one of the most important factors in determining their subsequent treatment. An illegal immigrant coming into the country is without birth records, as a result of poorly maintained birth records or undocumented births from their country of...
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Bone Disease Prediction: Analytical Essay

1. Introduction 1.1 Applications Data Mining is implementing in wide variety of areas. There are many commercial data mining systems available in the world today. It is used in Loan payment prediction and customer credit policy analysis as far as financial data analysis is considered. In retail industry analysis of effectiveness of sales, campaigns is done with data mining. It plays an important role in providing the visualization tools in telecommunication data analysis. Biological data mining is a very important...
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Hand Wrist X-Ray Images In Bone Age Assessment Using Particle Swarm: Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm

Abstract: Bone age assessment is method of analyzing the maturity of bones of an individual using x-ray images. Generally, left-hand wrist is used for imaging for the reason that calcium deposit in the ossification area of the bones recognizes the organic growth of the bones. Bone age assessment (BAA) is method of checking ossification maturity level in left-hand wrist using x-ray images for bone age assessment using graphical approach. In early stage; two main techniques used for bone age assessment...
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Essay on Bone Cancer

Cancer involves the uncontrolled division of the body’s cells, which cancer can cause in any tissue of the body, and each type of cancer has its own unusual characteristics. Cancer begins when a cell breaks free from conventional restrictions on cell division and begins to require motivation to proliferate. “All the cells conveyed by division of this to start with, genetic cell and its descendant in addition appear uncivilized proliferation” (Cho, Y. J., Cho, Y. M., Kim, S. H., Shin,...
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Bone Disease Prediction Using Data Mining Techniques: Analytical Essay

Abstract Data mining is a practice that is performed on large databases for extracting hidden patterns by using combinational approach from statistical analysis, machine learning, and database technology. Further, the medical data mining is an extremely essential research field due to its importance in the development of various applications in flourishing healthcare domain. Diseases and injuries of bones are the major causes of abnormalities of the human skeletal system. The identification of the possibility of bone disease in a person...
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Effects of Bone Deformities on Muscle Moment Arms: Analytical Essay

1.1 Abstract In this paper, we try to answer the question which is “How Bone Deformation Effect on Muscle Moment Arm” and showing how that is affect in the motion of human body. By knowing the reasons of these deformations in bones we have an ability to simulate that in the “Solid Work” program. The next step “Effect Bone Deformation on Muscle Moment Arm” is a topic that needs more time and as possible an accurate work to get well...
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FEA on Assembled Fractured Human Femur Bone with and without Hydroxyapatite: Analytical Essay

Abstract Femur, also called thighbone or hind leg in human body supports the maximum weight of the body under loading conditions. In this present work, the fractured femur bone is reconstructed using DICOM files obtained from Computed Tomography scan images using software’s 3D slicer and blender. In accordance with the crack, prosthetic plate was modeled in Unigraphics NX 11.0 version. The plate is then assembled with the fractured femur bone using Assembly module of the Unigraphics NX 11.0 version. Then...
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