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Abstract Narcissistic pioneers can be found since until the end of time. Their sort of organization when in doubt exhibits convincing yet at an inconceivable cost. Their self-obsession and loss of situational care will as a rule lead to disharmony among their companions and subordinates in the end inciting their end. On the other hand, a covenantal-style pioneer revolves around structure relationship with their people and ensuring the life expectancy of their fundamental objective or targets. Both the narcissistic and...
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INTRODUCTION Deuteronomy contains at its core a cross between an ancient Near Eastern treaty. Within this structure, the laws and treaty stipulations – general (5:1-11:32) and specific (12:1-26:19) – are given pride of place. After the setting and introduction to the covenant (4:44-49), Moses begins his second sermon (5:1-28:69) with an interpretive restatement of the Decalogue (5:621), couched within an extended reflection on the initial law-giving at Horeb and Moses’s role as mediator (5:1-33). In the passage at hand (6:1-15),...
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The term Covenant refers to an agreement between two or more parties coming together to make a contract based on promises, privileges and responsibilities. However, in a religious and theological context, it is essentially a relationship between God and His people. While there are blessings that come with the relationship, there are also penalties if the relationship is broken. Judaism is considered to be the expression of the Covenant that was established by God and given to the Israelites. This...
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For Jewish people, the Covenant is an ever present and main belief that helps guide them into a harmonious life with God. It involves an agreement between God’s promise and human’s commitment. Deuteronomy 6:4-5 contains a daily prayer called the ‘Shema,’ which calls adherents to answer to God’s love with faithfulness, through human love and effort. It states for Jews to love God, “alone… with all your heart… soul and with all your might.” It can be used to interpret...
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The present law governing freehold covenants has been in need of reform. There are currently a number of key areas in need of reforms. Firstly, the fundamental need to distinguish between law and equity as the rules under equity are complicated. Equity can allow the burden of a restrictive freehold covenant to bind successors in title provided that the rule in Tulk is held too[footnoteRef:1]. However, the burden of positive covenants cannot pass common law. While various efforts have been...
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