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Francis Bacon's Essay of Truth: Critical Analysis Essay

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We can build relationships with the contemporary world with Francis Bacon's essay. We have read Francis Bacon's essays ‘of truth’, 'of single and married life' and ‘of studies. So first we will relate the ‘of truth’ to the contemporary world. So we learn from this essay that truth is achieved through hard work and people are always reluctant to work hard. Truth diminishes human freedom. The real reason people dislike the truth is that people are involved in lies, which Bacon said is a ‘natural but false love of lies.’ People like lies. In the same way, people in the contemporary world are not at all interested in working. They are getting lazy day by day due to technology and their tendency to lie is increasing day by day. People are lying for no reason. Many times people love lies more and more because they can stay safe from many dangers by telling small lies.

The next point is that it is a fact that people like to nurture illusions, which makes their life more interesting. With an in-depth observation of human psychology, Bacon says that when deprived of false pride and arrogance, the human mind shrinks like a scattered balloon and these people become poor, miserable, and sick. In our present age, people still cherish illusion and make life interesting. But when people are separated from lies and arrogance, they lose the speed of their lives. Bacon further says that liars are like a snake that basically goes over the stomach and not the legs. In our present age, the number of liars is increasing day by day. In fact, liars have risen to prominence in our society. They are as venomous as snakes. They are harmful to our society.

Now we will build a relationship with the contemporary world through Francis Bacon's ‘studies. In the essay, Bacon highlights the importance of accomplishing and understating knowledge. In our generation, we use knowledge, to pass exams with good marks but does that ensure that we have understood what we studied or that our minds have been shaped by the books we read? We will become graduates in Literature but will that confirm that we shall become nation builders with suitable reading, writing communication, and employability skills? The essay has acted as a catalyst to clarify the reasons we take up education or the study of certain subjects. Bacon's essay highlights the ultimate need for self-motivation and self-refashioning through studies. It shows us that studies are simply not for an educated mind but a mind that strives to pursue excellence in service, character, and moral growth.

On the other side, Francis Bacon says that the three purposes of studies are ‘to delight, for ornament and for ability.’ Our studies are most enjoyable when one is alone and solitary. The knowledge gained through our study serves as a metaphor for conversation. We as well-read people will have a good vocabulary and broader knowledge that will add value to our conversation. Our current generation of people has exactly this idea.

Bacon then talks about reading different books in different ways. 'Some books have to be tasted, others have to be swallowed and some have to be chewed and digested,' he said. I think people in the current generation love to read books more than the previous generation.

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Nowadays many small children are also addicted to reading books. In fact, books are our real friends. There is no disease of our mind that cannot be cured by proper study.

So in the end we will build a relationship with the contemporary world with Francis Bacon's ‘Of Single and marriage life’. In this essay, Francis Bacon says that a person who is married and has a wife and children cannot risk his money for noble purposes. They hinder any effort, good or bad. The best works for the public often come from unmarried men. This statement is very applicable to the contemporary world. In today's society, married men are more concerned with the future of their family than the country. But those who have single men are engrossed in the thoughts of the country and even in any danger of the country they go ahead and do not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for the country. We can observe this in more depth from SukantaBhattacharya's poem 'Atharo bochor boyosh'.

Francis Bacon says in his essay that some stupid and greedy men are proud of not having children and they believe that if they have no children they will be richer because they may have heard that they can say that a great, rich man but his Remember these children have the understanding that children are hindered in the growth of fortune. However, most men prefer to remain unmarried in the interest of the freedom to live a single life. In the same way, there are some people in our world who do not want to have children in the greed of becoming very rich.

They think they don't have to spend money if they don't have children. As a result, they will have a lot of money. On the other hand, many single men want to remain unmarried for fear of losing their freedom.

Again in our society, unmarried men make the best friends, the best masters, and the best servants. But they don't make it as the best citizens because they have so much freedom that they tend to run away from responsibility. Francis Bacon says the situation for judges and magistrates is indifferent because if they are corrupt, it turns out to be their servants who are worse than wives. In my opinion, this idea of Francis Bacon is in line with the situation in our contemporary world.

So from the above discussion, We are able to relevance the contemporary world to Francis Bacon's essay

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