My Personal Philosophy of Success and the Place of Risk in Its Attainment: Narrative Essay

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Success is the most important issue in a person's life as it could be seen as a measurement of how good they are in their occupation. It is crucial for one to determine themselves to be successful. Consequently, the success will reveal itself to be reached as a clear target. Moreover, every subject requires different strategies in order to be successful. Primarily, taking risks and planning carefully could be seen as the two main tools to use to be successful. On the one hand, one must be well-planned and prepared for the tasks required to be done, as well as predict any possible obstacles that might need to be overcome. As a result, the possibility of taking the risk would be reduced dramatically which will certainly lead to success. On the other hand, it is claimed that the greater the risk you take, the greater the outcome you receive. Therefore, the role of taking risks cannot be dismissed.

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From my point of view, success should be based on planning carefully. It is obvious because the more carefully you make plans, the better preparation you have for your work, which increases the ability to have control and clear ideas over external issues. To take an example, assume an investment manager in a fast-growing company that is involved in many sectors looking for investment opportunities. He/she is well-organized and has planned carefully. However, they are in an economically vulnerable time as there is an election ahead. The outcome is unknown. However, there have been so many good offers to invest in. However, the manager does not involve in those offers straight away. He/she must consider the plans made before and evaluate the risks as the conditions are not clear. Therefore, those offers may not remain as profitable as before. This must be considered as well. If the manager goes for the investment, it may end up in unexpected results like losing the capital, etc. Thus, he/she should evaluate the possible outcomes of the elections, and make plans accordingly. Otherwise, taking that kind of risk could be considered gambling. Nevertheless, if the plans made by the manager so far prove that it is still more likely to be a good investment, despite all the unstable issues, there has to be risk-taking to be more successful.

In conclusion, I am completely convinced that whether it is necessary or not, risk should not be the main role in achieving success, because it increases the probability of failure. On the contrary, careful planning always leads to better results and increases the probability of success. Nevertheless, I believe that taking risks can be a good choice, provided that all plans and completed works are certain and to some extent prove that the risk can be accepted. This is my vision of success and the place of risk in achieving it. I am guided by this ‘philosophy’ in my life.

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