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Life is not easy. It can be so peculiar and different that it forces people to radically change. It was so in my case. I started my journey in school. Unaware of what I was doing. Just going with the flow. Making my senses happy. I did everything so that made my senses happy. This is what we do our whole life. Scrolling through Instagram, YouTube is all part of the big trick that our brain plays with us. The...
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When I first read the story of the Banished Immortal written by Bai Xianyong, the figure of the protagonist Li Tong, who dressed in red cheongsam dancing in the bar, was ingrained in my mind. She was the queen of the beauties. She had always been living so proudly and so willfully. Li Tong seemed to live the kind of free life she wanted to live, but in fact, there was always deep-seated loneliness around her. Li Tong’s sense of...
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There are times in life where I am sure destiny exists. For thousands of years people have been questioning the reason of things being the way they. For example, Christianism has been attributing life and it´s beauties to a single deity. On the other hand, scientists say there isn’t a single cause to all things, like God, but a series of different explanations to each phenomenon, which by the way, can be proved. As we can see there are different...
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‘Oedipus the King’ an Athenian tragedy written by Sophocles in the 5th century. It reflects the Greek culture perspective during the 5th century, which was based on the idea that destiny was written by God and no can change it. Oedipus tried to change his destiny. He used his intelligence to solve the riddle of the Sphinx, and as a result became the king of Thebes. He was known for his braveness in helping and saving his people. Unfortunately, he...
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No matter chapter of life one is whether it is from being stressed, unhealthy, depressed or whichever phase of life, one with unyielding belief in oneself can change their life. From being stressed to feeling pace in life, enjoying their life at their fullest. From lack to abundance. From sick to completely healthy person. One can also achieve the highest level of enlighten and empowerment. We cannot define a person by their past or their future, as no one knows...
2 Pages 810 Words
Tudor history is rife with politics, reformation, and scandal, and in the midst of it, all is Anne Boleyn, the notorious temptress who changed the face of religion and stands out for her time with her determination. Even to this day, she remains one of the`s most famous queens despite ruling for just three years, and her character persists in intriguing and often eluding historians. After spending much of her youth in France, by 1522 Anne had returned to, where...
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The 'One Belt and One Road' is a commonly useful and win-win opening system dependent on the important experience and revelations left over from the old Silk Road set forward by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013. Also this concept was mention 2017, especially by the President Xi Jinping increasingly used it for international events. (Zhang, 2020) The idea of 'Community of Human Destiny' in China is the mix of advantageous interaction and basic interest, which will frame another method...
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You often hear people saying that it was just meant to be by destiny, but how much of life does destiny actually play a part of? Destiny actually plays a massive role in people's lives in the fact that it sets up your starting environment, but people shouldn’t say it’s playing a part in the latter parts of life all too much. Destiny stops playing the big role in your life after you start adulthood, you get to make your...
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