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Maybe Destiny Exists After All: Persuasive Essay

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There are times in life where I am sure destiny exists. For thousands of years people have been questioning the reason of things being the way they. For example, Christianism has been attributing life and it´s beauties to a single deity. On the other hand, scientists say there isn’t a single cause to all things, like God, but a series of different explanations to each phenomenon, which by the way, can be proved. As we can see there are different approaches to the matter. I really don’t know which one to believe but as I said, I have been through things that make me doubt coincidences exist, such as the rare first encounter I had with the person who is now my best friend.

I met her on the second year of elementary school. Back then, we were very young and immature to realize we would really get along if we spoke to each other and how much we had in common. When I first met her, I didn’t like her so much. She appeared to be a little rude and unpleasant. Later, I learnt that she was just a bit timid, and I suppose I was too. I never imagined the person I was about to meet would change my life such as she did.

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We had classes all our classes together, so it was just a matter of time that we spoke to each other. It all started when she made a joke. Although I don’t even remember what the joke was about, I do remember that it was funny enough to get me hung up on her. Now that I knew she was funny, I wouldn’t hesitate to go and talk to her. I started a conversation between the two of us and that is how it all started. We became inseparable ever since.

As she started to gain my blind-folded trust, our love and affection for each other began to grow. I got to know her for who she really is. As I said, first I thought she was arrogant, but as she grew on me, I realized she is one of the most humble people I know. Moreover, she is the funniest human alive. Although we obviously have differences, I think that only brings us closer because instead of judging us for our flaws and differences, we accept and love each other for them.

In conclusion, I don’t know who to thank for meeting her. I don’t even know if it was a coincidence but certainly this is one of those events that made me doubt about the existence of destiny. Since we met each other, we have been inseparable. Before I met her, I needed someone who I could trust and laugh with. Whomever I have to thank for this? Maybe this is a gift of destiny after all.

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