The Community of Human Destiny

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The 'One Belt and One Road' is a commonly useful and win-win opening system dependent on the important experience and revelations left over from the old Silk Road set forward by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013. Also this concept was mention 2017, especially by the President Xi Jinping increasingly used it for international events. (Zhang, 2020) The idea of 'Community of Human Destiny' in China is the mix of advantageous interaction and basic interest, which will frame another method of advancement of sensible beneficial interaction dependent on the basic interests and aggregate personality of the nations. The community of human destiny is a transformation of incredible conventional culture, encapsulating the idea of mankind, acquiring the soul of 'unity' and the soul of mission. This concept has both positive and negative aspects. From here I am going to discuss both sides.

After seven years, a worldwide outbreak brought about by the COVID – 19 has again reminded the need and important of assemble a community with a shared destiny for humanity. The COVID -19 flare-up has hauled the entire human race into a furious battle with a profoundly irresistible illness on a worldwide scale. Paying special attention to one another in these difficult times, humanity have composed another part of building a community with a shared future. (How a 'community with shared future for mankind' can defeat a virus, 2020) This is the best and timely example of the positive side of this concept. This epidemic caused by COVID – 19 is a time to move forward as a world, to maintain unity and work together. China's introduction of the community of human destiny idea uncovers in any event two main highlights of its foreign policy. The first feature is that Chinese diplomacy is multifaceted. While China calls for collaboration among countries to advance shared interests on certain events, it is acting all the more proactively and even emphatically on other occasions. For example, China started the foundation of the New Development Bank of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which are seen by certain analysts as a challenge to the Brett on Woods system and the Asian Development Bank. The second principle highlight is that the concurrence of these two patterns in China's present diplomacy, however apparently contradictory, reflects the various procedures China is receiving to handle issues of non-core interests and core interests. The idea of community of human destiny isn't just an outline of the fundamental belief idea of the great Chinese traditional culture, yet in addition the legacy and sublimation of Marx's principles, for example, the 'community' and the 'nature of human'.

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The pith of the last is the acknowledgment of human opportunity. The turn of events and its human freedom, specifically solidarity. The Chinese Communist Party has taken the courage to remain at the front line and stands at the height of the occasions, inventively acknowledging Marxism confined in China with extraordinary political boldness, and finding a significant enchantment weapon for solving worldwide issues. This is a community feeling of human destiny that would bring the interests of various countries together. Nowadays, the Chinese road, the Chinese voice and the Chinese model have attracted in far and wide consideration from numerous nations around the globe. Specifically, Chinese leaders consider the estimation of human society. The idea of community of human destiny is the change of the estimation of extraordinary conventional culture, mirroring the worth desires for the individuals everywhere on the world and epitomizing the appeal of traditional Chinese culture. Actually the concept of community of human density is mainly practice the concept of human great harmony. China's way of thinking of great harmony has a long history and is a significant piece of Chinese culture. Human fate network is the legacy and reproduction of the idea of great harmony, and it is the cutting edge translation of the concept of great harmony. At the point when the political ideal comes into power, the world has a place with all people. Individuals choose the individuals with high capacity and political honesty.

Everybody focuses on the genuineness and develops an atmosphere of harmony. Helping each other and growing together is the main advantage and the main positive view of this concept. Community of Human density idea depends on the harmony, mutual trust, shared concealment, and equal exchange. also this concept requires countries of various regions, diffident skin tones, and various language, under the direction of the soul of harmony, will keep on cooperating to defend the advancement of human society. As I mention in the beginning, on numerous events, Chinese leaders promoted the idea of concordance, sought after the profound domain of congruity, and coordinated the idea of harmony into the development of community of human density, in view of the necessities of the time of quiet turn of events, and constructed human density community. It shows the appeal of Chinese traditional culture. Since the inconsistent old global request actually exists, President Xi Jinping has obviously suggested that 'building community of human destiny and accomplishing win - win shearing and shared benefits.' The development of this concept gives the world another administration program. It replaces showdown with collaboration, replaces single-win with shared benefit and all-win way to deal with the world. It centers around the emphasis of improvement on administration, assembles agreement through the products of advancement, opens up a weighty advancement way for worldwide administration, and makes a way for take care of numerous issues on the planet. Community of human destiny doesn't make decimation the two sides, or old reasoning model that you lose and I win, however demands accomplishing shared benefit and all-win interests based on collaboration. While China creates itself and develops itself, it additionally deals with the interests of other countries and builds up the interests of destiny community.

China cannot create better world without help other countries. We are living in one world so we have to help each other to survive. Since the change and opening up, China has gotten increasingly more incorporated into financial globalization in both broadness and profundity. China's quick improvement in the course of recent years has profited by change and opening up. Many accomplishments have been made in advancing world harmony and improvement, keeping everything under control and dependability, upgrading China's exhaustive public strength, extending China's worldwide impact, and upgrading China's global status. The situation of the privilege of discourse in the worldwide community has been continually improved. The possibility of the community of human destiny isn't just a worldwide idea of investigating enduring harmony and normal advancement dependent on the circumstance of human life and improvement in China, yet additionally a significant substance of the outside dispersal of Chinese qualities. The turn of mankind's set of experiences to the historical backdrop of the world is slowly framed with the extension of material trades between different country states because of the advancement of human social profitable powers. With the improvement of conflicting developments of gainful powers and types of correspondence, mankind's set of experiences is barely local. The historical backdrop of the world that is available to history is an unavoidable cycle of verifiable development. This concept promote the development of the 'one belt and one street', the Asian 167 foundation speculation bank and the Eurasian Economic Union, and add to the basic thriving of the world. China approaches all countries, particularly the western developed countries should put effort attempts to keep up world harmony and development and share harmony and improvement. The community of human destiny predetermination underscores the idea of the entire, the general awareness and the coupling and linkage. It looks for additional interests through synergistic advantages, accumulates the resultant powers of advancement, progress and flourishing, advances one another, collaborates considerately and gains generally speaking ground, to understand the development possibilities of mutual win-win. The fundamental undertone of the Chinese dream is the extraordinary restoration of the country. It not just implies that the Chinese country will stand more grounded and more grounded in the forest of the world country, and will make new and more prominent commitments to humanity. These are the positive views of community of human destiny concept.

Considering the negative view of this concept, main negativity about this idea is the most of people have no idea, understanding about this concept. Because there is only few information about community of human destiny concept. Without making other countries people mindset trustful this concept cannot spread. And this is a new concept for us and the world as well, so it is hard to take this idea between people and countries. They did not mention, what are the conditions of this concept? What are the rules or limitations of this idea? So this situation can effect directly spreading of this concept. And few countries are not ready to work with other countries too. It is equally not easy for different countries to survey the idea's possible effect on their national advantages before they respond to it. Indeed, even some Chinese researchers have recognized that the obscured importance of community of human destiny is adding to different countries uneasiness instead of trust. It may be simpler for China to set up nearer economic relations with partner countries, however giving them political and strategic assurance stays a huge challenge. According to this idea they have mention it can effect war between countries. Full of this concept depend on to keep harmony of countries. But also this can effect same countries at the same time. Because to stop war they have to take decisions and come up with a good solution or compromise. So that is not easy part at all. Another negative side of this concept is environment can be harmed. Because nowadays we can see environment is being harmed by developing countries. Not fully but enough for effect and destroy environment. If all countries suddenly get growth, there will be more factories, buildings, technology and etc. So before this concept approve china have to make some limitations and conditions. This concept should add some solutions for protect those environment resources. Then we can handle that issue too.

There are some features have mentioned by china government related to environmental side. President Xi have mention about this in an event, 2017. He mention this part as “the buildings sounds ecosystem”. But still they have to explain it well. If we think for a moment we accept this concept and proceed it, this idea should continue for a long time. This is not for a short period. So this concept have to give education benefits too. Because without education countries cannot continue development. Here this concept have to think about that. Economy growth is very important at the same time education development is also very important. According to this idea, sometimes it can effect countries own culture. Because each country have their own indigenous culture. It may change because of foreign interventions. That is why there should be permanent conditions and rules. At the same time this idea have to consider about religion. This should not effect for countries religion side. Here they did not mention about that, not much buy there are few information about that. Be that as it may, as community of human destiny stays not clear in importance, various inquiries stay remarkable and deserve consideration in future exploration, for example, by what means will China and different states address political and vital doubt between them? Is people group of human fate a strategically or monetarily situated idea? How much is China dedicated to its execution? Will associations, for example, BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization form into a community of human destiny? Additionally, what will China's aspiration be after it effectively seizes the 'period of strategic opportunistically fully develops behind the idea, to invest more energy into trust building and to address questions with different countries in a forthcoming and equivalent soul. Maybe, a decent advance may begin from tending to the regional questions in the South China Sea.

This composition about the community of human destiny positive and negative views. As the conclusion my opinion is still there are remain doubts about this concepts. Still china needs to explain it well. In the internet also there are very less information about this idea. They should mention the purpose and what are the benefits of concept clearly. China has far to go prior to accomplishing these targets. But the community of community destiny for all humankind isn't just the ideal vision and goal of building 'One Belt and One Road' yet in addition an essential choice and key decision by China toward the future of the world and the street of China. The community of human destiny for all humankind discovers that China will consistently hold high the banner of harmony, improvement, cooperation and win-win. It will unswerving keep up world harmony and advance basic turn of events, unswerving build up its inviting relations with all nations on the planet on the five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence. Additionally, it needs more communication with different countries and regions. The nation's new age of political elites will manage the issue. With direct encounters of the nation's change and opening up just as globalization, they have a broadened perspective. They are required to assume a positive part in building an organized worldwide community in accordance with desires for both Chinese and different nationalities. Be that as it may, it additionally depend upon whether the world will give positive feedback. China will make more noteworthy commitments to the development of the universe of enduring harmony, universal security, normal flourishing, open and consideration, and clean and lovely. As I mentioned earlier this is a new and still under researched. However if this concept worked so this can be the best thing ever happened.

Because this idea can bring all countries together. Harmony is the very important thing that we all search for. I think the concept of community of human destiny is a bridge to the world for shared turn of events and success. At the point when China was contending a hard fight against the epidemic at home, in excess of 170 countries and more than 40 global and provincial associations demonstrated their compassion and support. Japan, South Korea and Pakistan gave emergency supplies, while some nation chiefs paid an uncommon visit to China in a demonstration of companionship and solidarity. So this is the main thing we want in this world, help each other and grow together. I think with this concept there should be some environmentally friendly points. And should support not only economy side, for sports, entertainment stuff and some extra activities should also consider. I saw this concept has consider about health issues. So my opinion is this concept should keep maintain proper health along with harmony. Because world health is very important as important harmony. But I think somehow this idea can create a good partnership between countries. It is a good sign for build a better world. It will help for developing countries economy directly. And this concept will grow harmony between countries. Then we can reduce the losses what happening because of war.

At the same time it can spread equality between countries. If equality spread worldwide then there is no point to fight with each other. This concept is very interesting from that side. And I want to recommend a method can be used for this concept. If china can invest in other countries projects without giving a long term loan or any other type of loans. Then those countries can give more effect for their development. As I know china is a very helping country. They always think about other countries success. To construct a community of human destiny is the duty and weight that has been played against the world. It is the inventive improvement of China's roads to tackle worldwide issues and mirrors the mindfulness and development of China's wisdom esteem. In the excursion of human advancement, the Chinese government keeps on assuming the status and role of the incredible powers and adds to the intelligence of China for the bright future of humankind. The world is in endurance mode. Just through fortitude and coordination would it be able to prevail upon an inside and out triumph the pandemic. The 'real community' built by Marx is under the socialist social system, the objective of win-win and win-win results advocates the sharing of human destiny. The 'community of human destiny' contains the thoughts of developing and sharing, comprehensive and proportional, and taking the entire human point of view, doing the practical conditions for the free advancement of individuals in all parts of the entire field, and acquiring the theory of Marx. In the long run, as humankind faces an assortment of basic difficulties, the world should work diligently to change China's vision into the real world.


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