Reflections on Destiny and Whether It Really Cannot Be Changed

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‘Oedipus the King’ an Athenian tragedy written by Sophocles in the 5th century. It reflects the Greek culture perspective during the 5th century, which was based on the idea that destiny was written by God and no can change it.

Oedipus tried to change his destiny. He used his intelligence to solve the riddle of the Sphinx, and as a result became the king of Thebes. He was known for his braveness in helping and saving his people. Unfortunately, he was unable to change his destiny. He was blindfolded to his own truth. He killed his father and married his mother. After all these events, Oedipus discovered the truth. He ripped his eyes as a punishment for his blindness that forbids him from seeing the truth. For many, this story might resemble our inability to escape our destiny.

However, upon deeper pondering, we can come out with a relation between our destiny and two main factors: the real truth of life and the mistakes that we committed during our life. One cannot ignore the truth and the events taking place around us. We can see everything with our eyes, but it is not enough. We should be aware and fully awakened to what’s happening around us in order to control the direction in which our destiny is heading to. Then, we have to tailor it to fit in with the true conditions of our reality.

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Ignoring the truth of things around us and denying the reality around us due to our excessive self-confidence will help us believe that we are creating our own perfect destiny regardless of everything. Nevertheless, with time the truth will shine again and show us that we have ended up in a wrong path. A very clear example is happening now, the earth is being attacked by the coronavirus. Many of the people are ignoring the truth. They don’t follow the safety rule measurements issued by the World Health Organization. They think that this virus is like any other normal influenza, it doesn’t threaten anybody’s life. Unfortunately, the reality reveals the sad truth that this virus is very dangerous and it spreads out very fast. It is infecting a large number of people and causing their death in a short time. Here, we have two options. The first choice is following the precautions and safety measures in our daily lives to protect our beloved ones from this harmful virus, and try to sail our destiny boat to the safe zone. Or we can adopt the second choice and react recklessly to the situation, as many people do. They think that coronavirus is a joke, and are ongoing with their lives normally, as if nothing happened. They believe that their destiny in all cases will not change. In this case, they will subject the life of the people around them to danger and maybe cause their death. They claim that they are accepting the idea that this reckless lifestyle toward the coronavirus is their destiny. I chose the first option. I am doing all my best to change my destiny from sadness to happiness, or from a high risk of death to a low risk of death.

From my point of view, the story lists many mistakes that led to Oedipus’ miserable destiny/ending. First of all, Oedipus’ parents made a mistake when they decided to kill him after his birth. Another mistake is when Oedipus knew about his destiny and took his own decision to leave the city without telling his adopted parents about his decision. Here, we can also mention the wrongdoing by his adopted parents when they hid the truth about his real parents. All these mistakes could have been a turning point in Oedipus’ life if they had been accomplished correctly. Life is a chance. This chance is a gift given by God. If we took advantage of this chance correctly, we will end up on the correct road prepared for us on God’s behalf. This road is the real destiny that human beings should follow. So, we should be very aware of what’s happening around us, keeping track of the real truth of events around us, and taking the right decisions to hop on the right path to reach our designed destiny.

To conclude, one can say that life is just a chance given by God, who draws beautiful days for every person. The evil spirit is there and continues to trick people to fall into bad situations every day. In this case, one must have to pursue a good chance, face the difficulties in life by knowing the truth, solve the riddles of the difficulties, and avoid making fatal mistakes. People should work on making good decisions and taking advantage of every possible chance. It will make their lives more realistic and help them reach the right path of their destiny safe and sound.

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