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Applying Piaget’s and Vygotsky’s Theory of Cognitive Development to the case Introduction This essay will interpret the cognitive processes of the case of a K2 student who is called Andrew, recommend an intervention practice in promoting the cognitive development of the child and expound on the roles of the teacher. Cognitive processes and stages Schema for birds Firstly, schema occurs. “Schema is a psychological structure to make sense of the experience in organized ways, which is changed with age”(Kail, 2016,...
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Paradigms in building a trauma-informed, infant-led, relationally reflective system of care: A contemporary exploration of the intersection of the Australian child protection system, the child protection practitioner, and the care of the infant. Introduction National child protection data gives evidence of a growing proportion of infants entering out-of-home care (AIHW, 2015). Out-of-home care (OOHC) is a system of care that encompasses short to long-term fostering or kinship care arrangements for children who have been removed from their families due to...
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Contemporary sociological theory Alfred Schultz’s Phenomenology The contemporary sociological theory covers the theoretical orientations that have been influential in shaping up society since the mid-twentieth century. Schutz is gradually being recognized as one of the twentieth century's leading philosophers of social science. He related Edmund Husserl's work to the social sciences and influenced Max Weber's legacy of philosophical foundations for sociology and economics through Schutz's major work, Phenomenology of the Social World. The term phenomenon is used to describe things...
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Cooperative play, Parallel play, and Associative play are examples of play behavior showing intersubjectivity in children. In the Cooperative play, children work together to accomplish a common goal. They tend to think together and help each other and learn the intention of each other. In parallel play children often play together but using different toys. They share and copy ideas from one another and express their thoughts on the basis of the reaction of one another. Associative play is a...
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There are many ways to conduct therapy, in this essay I will start off by giving insight on what is Psychoanalytic theory and then critically discuss a few ways of conducting therapy which are relational psychoanalysis psychotherapy, intersubjectivity and the analytic third. I will also discuss how these concepts assist the therapist in working with clients Psychoanalytic theory was coined by Sigmund Freud in the during the late 19th century between 1939 and 1956. His theory was based on the...
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According to Husserl, inter subjective experience plays a vital role in the constitution of the self as subjects that exist objectively, other experiencing object and the objective world governed by space and time. That’s why transcendental phenomenology tries to reconstruct the basic rational structures that enable constitutive achievements. From a first person perspective, intersubjectivity occurs when people undergo acts of empathy because an intersubjective experience is highly empathetic. This is because it occurs in the course of person’s consciousness and...
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