Teaching to Promote Listening and Speaking English as First Additional Language

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it is important for every child to acquire listening and speaking skills before starting to attend their primary school stated darwissyah irwan d nunun indrasari 2019 there are many strategies and techniques that promote and encourage listening and speaking skills in the foundation phase in this assignment i will critically analyse the types of listening and speaking skills activities to promote listening and speaking skills strategies to promote listening and speaking skills techniques to promote listening and speaking skills and challenges that efal learners face in the fp classroom.

According to Christopher D. Bond (2012), ' To listen well, students must understand the difference between hearing and listening while recognising and controlling the many listening barriers within the classroom'. It is imperative for learners to acquire listening skills in a classroom in order for the to understand what the teacher is communicating to them. 'Speaking is one of the most important skills to be developed and enhanced as means of effective communication' (Leong and Ahmadi,2017). Speaking skill is difficult because when it comes to learning many learners find it hard to speak another language like English if it is the medium language of communication not their home language. Mahdjouba Z. (2019) stated that there are six types of listening skills which are the intensive listening, selective listening, interactive listening, extensive listening and responsive listening and there are also five basic types of speaking which are the imitative speaking, the intensive speaking, responsive speaking, the interactive speaking and the extensive speaking.

Activities that can promote listening and speaking skills are games that makes learners communicate with each other. Some of the games that the teachers can give learners are guessing games so that learners can communicate with each other trying to guess the word to promote speaking skills and also the searching games can be used to promote speaking skills. As for promoting listening skills the teacher can ask the learners questions after or during the lesson so that she can check that when she is teaching are the learners listening attentively or not.

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To promote and improve listening and speaking skills it is important that learners improve their skills by listening attentively when they are taught in class and ask questions to a teacher or fellow classmates when they do not know or understand them. When improving their speaking skills they need to practice speaking and discussing using English language with their fellow classmates so that they can learn to speak new words with each other and improve their vocabulary. According to Unit 5 of lecture notes by Mrs Zama (2021) the teacher can form listening triads where the learners each has their own task in the group to help each other to acquire better listening and speaking skills.

The learners in the Foundation Phase they lack self confidence and they end up being shy of speaking in English as it is not their home language thinking that they might end up pronouncing the words wrong. According to Mahdjouba (2019), it is believed that some learners face challenges in speaking English because they are introverts and they are scared of how the teacher will behave with them, if they speak English word in a wrong manner. As for listening the children need a quiet environment in order for them to focus on each and every word the teacher says, if they miss just one word they get stressed and freak out and they end up not understanding the whole text or conversation.

In conclusion, in the Foundation Phase it is important that the teacher helps the learners to acquire listening and speaking skills so that they can be able to be fluent in English and help learners engage in activities that help improve the learner’s additional language at a young age.

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